The NEW Lightning Lane Multi Pass and Single Pass Explained!

Disney heard its guests when they said they wanted to plan rides in advance again! Disney’s solution, Lightning Lane Multi Pass and Lightning Lane Single Pass, is starting July 24th, 2024.  The Genie is getting stuffed back in the lamp after just 3 years. Kingdom and Cruise Disney travel advisors are here to help you uncover any of the mystery surrounding the new system and plan for a magical vacation – just as we always have! You have some questions and we have some answers…

Lightning Lane changes are coming July 24, 2024!

When are the changes coming?

On July 24th, 2024, Genie+ will be called Lightning Lane Multi Pass and Individual Lightning Lanes will be called Lightning Lane Single Pass.  At 7am July 24th, 2024, you can begin booking your selections – for that day (if you are in the park) OR in advance of your upcoming trip.


How far in advance can I book my ride selections?

If you’re staying at a Disney World resort (or one of the select good neighbor hotels), you can make Lightning Lane reservations 7 days in advance for your entire stay (up to 14 days).   For example, if you are visiting November 8 – November 16th, you can make Lightning Lane reservations for your whole trip (from the 8th – 16th) on November 1st, because that’s 7 days before the first day of your trip.

It doesn’t matter if you stay at a value resort or deluxe resort, you get the same advantage of booking lightning lanes 7 days before your trip!

If you are not staying at a Disney hotel, you can make your advance Lightning Lane Multi Pass selections only 3 days in advance.

*In case you didn’t understand the significance of the above explanation – Disney resort guests are at a HUGE advantage here.  We always recommend staying on Disney property and now it’s even more advantageous!

How many Lightning Lanes can I book at once?

You can book up to 3 Lightning Lane Multi Pass rides at ONE park per day of your vacation. You can also purchase up to TWO Lightning Lane Single Pass rides.  These are like the Individual Lightning Lane rides: Tron, Seven Dwarves, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Avatar Flight of Passage, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.  The price will vary and will not be included in the cost of Lightning Lane Multi Pass.

You can purchase up to 2 Lightning Lane Single Pass rides per day based on availability.

How much will Lightning Lane Multi Pass Cost?

This system is replacing the Genie+, which had a cost of $20-$39 per day.  Lightning Lane Multi Pass will likely be priced at a similar range and will fluctuate based on time of year.  Lightning Lane Single Pass will likely be priced similarly to Individual Lightning Lanes.  You will be able to select BOTH Multi Pass and Single Pass rides when your availability window opens (either 7 days or 3 days prior to your park visit).


What rides can I book with my purchase of Multi Pass?

Disney is going back to the use of a tier system for ride selection.  When you make Lightning Lane Multi Pass reservations, you will be able to book 1 ride from the first tier and 2 rides from the second tier OR all 3 rides from the second tier.  Only Animal Kingdom has NO tiers – any ride there is up for selection.  However, Avatar: Flight of Passage is a Lightning Lane Single Pass.

What rides are in each tier for Multi Pass at each park?








Can I book more than 3 rides in one day?

Yes! You can only book 3 rides in ADVANCE at only ONE PARK PER DAY! However, you can hold up to 3 Lightning Lanes at once so after you ride your first selection, you can book another one, subject to availability.  Your bookings inside the park on the day of MAY be at a different park if you have a park hopper ticket.

Some popular rides may not have Lightning Lane availability the day of your visit, but standby lines are always an option.

Does everyone in my party have to have the same Multi Pass selection?

At first, yes.  But then you may go into your account and modify selections for individual guests.

What about character meet and greets that used to have a Lightning Lane?

Hold tight! Disney may add those to the list.  And if they do, we will be the first to let you know!

I bet you will NOT miss our pal Genie+.  Disney has always strived for the best guest experiences.  This system will take some adjustment but it will be wonderful to make some plans in advance again.  Reach out to your Disney travel advisor today to start planning for your magical vacation!

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