35 Travel Tips for Disney and Other Destinations from Travel Professionals

Welcome back, Mousekefriends! We are here today to share 35 TRAVEL TIPS AND HACKS from our very own agents at Kingdom and Cruise Travel.  You will find out tips for how to save some money, avoid discomfort like chafing (the worst!), how to maximize your time and how to conserve fuel for your tech. Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than travel mishaps.  Nobody wants to be grumpy on vacation…

This is the only acceptable Grumpy while on vacation. Any other frown needs to be turned upside down ASAP!

Our talented and experienced agents can plan your magical vacation to Disney and destinations around the world AND make your life easier with these best travel tips!

Don’t have time to sit and read through our 35 travel tips?  No problem!  Have a listen to the podcast while you’re on the go!  You will absorb all these tips listening to us.  We make it memorable.

1. Bring a well insulated water bottle!

We like to: 1. Save money.  2. Save the planet. 3. Stay hydrated. 4. Carry an emotional support bottle.  There are many brands out there.  KCT agent Alyssa loves Hydrapeak!

2. Buy a Fuel Rod on Amazon

These portable chargers are lightweight and swap out stations can be found in locations throughout the US like airports.  There are several throughout the Disney parks!  Get them before your trip and you will pay half of what they will cost inside the parks.

Fuel rod swap out stations are at every resort and throughout Disney parks.

3. Bring laundry pods, dryer sheets and garbage bags

This is a personality thing.  Are you the type of traveler that says, “future me will worry about the laundry at home.” Our agent, Katie Gabbard, likes to give her future self a break and does some laundry while on vacation.  All the Disney resorts (and most hotel chains) have laundry machines!  If you have a one bedroom or larger Disney Vacation Club room, your machines will be in your room.  You have no excuse.  Just do it.

  4. Have a Mickey Ice Cream Bar for Breakfast

Agent Chelsea Gallagher says this is the breakfast of Disney champions. When the kids ask for a treat in Disney World, we say yes.  Sugar is the thing that memories are made of.  And if you’re an adult, even better.  TREAT YOURSELF!

There is nothing sweeter than a Mickey Bar and a chocolate smile.

5. Be Flexible While on Vacation

This one is tough.  We all have visions for how a trip will go and how much we will do.  When something isn’t going according to plan, just remember the wise words of Elsa, “Let It Go!”  You can come back and do it next time!

6. Spread Out Everyone’s Clothing Among Several Suitcases

Chrissy is clearly not OCD like some of us.  She’s a smart travel planner.  She knows sometimes luggage gets lost and what if it’s YOUR suitcase and now you have NOTHING!?  Put a little bit of everyone’s clothing in a few suitcases and if one gets lost, nobody has to go naked.  Or wear the same outfit all vacation.

7. Share the Planning

Unless you have tiny babies, all the members of your family will have an opinion about how your vacation will go.  Our agent, Amanda, suggests let everyone pick one thing to do in a day so everyone feels happy!

And if everyone is in agreement, you can even plan out your ride photo poses!

8. Bring a Sponge and Dish Soap

Genius!  This is for those reusable water bottle or coffee mugs.  Nobody wants to use hand soap to clean those.

9. Share Meals or Order from the Kids Menu

We like to graze all day in Disney World so we can sample a little bit of everything, especially at Epcot where there are so many food kiosks with yummy options to try!  Our agent Kellye suggests ordering from the kids menu at quick service restaurants to save a bit of money and your appetite so you can have more later!

Mickey Pretzels are a great shareable snack in the parks. The ears are the best part.

10. Bring a multi-USB port charger!

So much tech, so few outlets!  Agent Michelle has a solution!

This makes our OCD hearts happy. So organized. So efficient.

11. Always Have a Pen

And keep it in a spot in your bag that isn’t at the bottom underneath Goldfish crumbs.  You will be filling out documents on some trips!  The customs guy doesn’t have an extra and he wouldn’t let you have it if he did.

12. Ship Larger Souvenirs

This is an option in many places, but in Disney World it is very easy!  Yes, you can buy large lightsabers for everyone in your family and a set of 8 Mickey wine glasses.  Disney will handle it. Just fill out the shipping information and it might even be there by the time you get home.

13. Bring a Handheld Fan

Summer months in Disney are sweltering.  A handheld fan is a must.  You can even get the kind that mist and fill it with ice water in the morning!  At night, a small fan can double as a white noise machine.  Win win!

Disney sells these in the parks and they come with a strap so you can keep it on you all day. Photo Cred: Disney Food Blog

14. Wear Sunblock Even in the Winter

This is a wise tip.  Even on ski vacations, the sun is strong and reflects right off the snow.  Your doctor would approve of this message.

15. Charge Your Electronics at Night

Easier said than done.  Mousekefriends, you might want to hit the bed hard after a long Disney day, but before you do, get out those multi-USB port chargers we told you about and grab all the phones and Magic Bands and plug them in!

16. Download Media Before Your Long-haul Flight

You might not care for the selection of movies on the plane!  Your seat’s screen could be busted.  You will want something to do and it might involve a downloaded book or a movie.

17. Bring Print-outs of Confirmation Numbers and Plans

I know everything is digital now.  BUT our agent, Charissa, likes to have a backup plan.  Carry a print out of your all your confirmations – for flights, hotel, tickets.  You never know!

18. Bring Inexpensive Ponchos

Disney ponchos are cute. But are they $15 cute? Photo Cred: Disney Food Blog

Florida weather brings a lot of unpredictable heavy downpours.  Bring a poncho for everyone in your party.  Get them cheap at Walmart before you come to the parks or you will need to buy the cute $15 Disney ponchos.

19. Carry an Empty Water Bottle to the Airport

You won’t be able to get it through security filled, but it up the bottle filling stations in the terminal once you’re past security!  It hurts to buy $6 waters in the airport.

20. Bring Crystal Light Flavor Packets for Your Water

Our agent, Betty, knows that Florida water can sometimes taste like a swamp.  An alligator filled one at that.  She recommends to flavor your water so you don’t have to suffer.

21. Purchase Disney Gift Cards with Your Target Red Card to Save 5%

This is a super hack!  Every little bit counts!  If you can buy a $500 for $475, then do it!!  It’s genius.

22. Bring Something to Carry Your Ears!

Our agent, Nicky Balda, has quite a collection of mouse ears.  She likes to bring slap bracelets to attach them to her backpack.  Or, you can get these cute straps from Amazon.

23. Pack Essential in Your Carry-on Just In Case

Nicky recommends bringing extra undies, an outfit, pajamas and a bathing.  Because if luggage gets lots, at least you will make it to the pool and can still put on fresh clothing after!

24. Always Pack an Extension Cord

Except for cruises.  They will take it away!  This is another tip for all the charging you will need to do.

25. Pack Ear Plugs

Our travel advisor, Holly, knows that hotel walls are thinner than we think!  You will need your sleep for your long park day!

26. Carry Medicine with you in Your Carry-on or Purse

Inhalers, Epi-pens, any important meds should always be on you!  Even while in the Disney parks!

27. Use Packing Cubes

Our travel agent Heather has converted people to this packing organization system!  Check out Travel and Leisure’s list for the best options to purchase in 2024.

28. Bring a Luggage Scale

We are not light packers.  We have needs.  You don’t want to be over the weight limit for your airline because the fees are expensive!

29. Remember to Enjoy Your Time with Loved Ones

This one is important.  Vacations can sometimes feel rushed and too many of us strive for perfection.  Just take some moments to look around and be grateful for this memory making opportunity.

30. Bring a Packable Carry-On Bag

Our travel advisor, Alli Matthews, always brings a portable duffel bag that folds up and doesn’t take much space in her suitcase.  There will always be souvenirs on a vacation!  Make an effort to fill up that extra bag with fun items to remember your trip!

31. Get a Stroller in Disney World Even if Your Kids Are Older

Nobody is judging in Disney World.  In fact, everyone wants to get in one.  Even the adults.

You might get some stares if you put this many kids in a stroller.

32. Don’t Waste Space. If You’re Packing a Loungefly, Fill it with Clothing!

Loungefly enthusiast and KCT travel advisor, Gregory, knows that Loungflys do not collapse.  Use that empty space and fill that bag with clothing before you put it in the suitcase!

 33. Get Magic Band Clips from Amazon or Etsy

The new Magic Bands are expensive!  Secure them on your wrist with a little flexible clip.

34. Bring Hand Sanitizer

Our Travel Agent Allie Thompson hates it when dispensers have run out, so now she makes sure to always carry some.  Surfaces are gross everywhere you go.  No getting around it.

35. Bring a Chafing Stick

We are going to leave you with this gem of a travel tip.  Nothing ruins a vacation like chafing.  Amen.

What would you add to this list?  Leave us a comment! We have many more travel tips and hacks for you!  Reach out for our professional travel planning, which always includes the best tips!




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