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A Getaway to Dollywood in 2020


Dollywood Theme Park is a hidden gem in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains, we visited in fall. Have you heard of Dollywood?  Have you visited Dollywood? If not, now is the time.  

Traveling during a pandemic to a theme park is new to all of us, but Dollywood made us feel comfortable with their entrance policies.  Our temperatures were taken, and questions asked about exposure to Covid-19.  Wrist bands are provided to each guest after passing the admittance procedure (this speeds up the process should you leave and return to the park later in the day)  As with other theme parks, masks or face coverings are to be worn through out the entire park (except when actively eating or drinking & when taking photos) Hand sanitizer is present through out the park and the ride attendants are asking you to use it before getting on the ride.(hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance to each ride and throughout the park)

The trams from the parking lot are running and they are using social distancing, the trams are fast and plentiful. The park is deemed “the friendliest theme park” we found very friendly staff, even though they were running on a low staff capacity due to current events. Be sure to check park times, they are amending their schedule for 2020.  At the time of writing they were open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Dollywood boasts 40 different rides, entertainment, and a splash and play water park.  Dollywood has some of the greatest rollercoasters in this region, water rides, and areas that cater to pre-school and under.  Dollywood has a “parent swap” so everyone can ride.  

We visited the Bald Eagle Mountain Sanctuary, enjoyed some rides, yummy treats, gem mining, and the extra fun Great Pumpkin Luminights.    We were not able to ride on the train due to social distancing.  Some rides are not operating due to current events.  Shows have all been moved to outdoors.

We snacked our way through the day, the famous Cinnamon Bread should not be missed.  The pretzels are shaped like the iconic Dolly Parton butterflies and so good.  We ate dinner at the All You Can Eat-Aunt Granny’s Restaurant.  The price was $19.99 per person for a family style meal (this was a buffet pre Covid-19) The meal was delicious as was the dessert and more than two people could eat.

Dollywood like other theme parks boasts several different festivals throughout the year.  The Autumn in this region of Pigeon Forge Tennessee is breathtaking.   The winter holidays are spectacular.  

Dollywood has its own beautiful hotel, The DreamMore Resort and Spa, accommodations here include  park transportation.  

Dollywood Pretzel
Dollywood Gem Mining
Dollywood Halloween

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