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A Picnic in the Parks

Welcome, Mousekemom Friends! Today we’ll be talking about an underrated way to take charge of your trip- by stopping for a picnic in the parks. There’s plenty of places that are shaded, near entertainment, and just plain great that you have to stop at. 

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Picnicking in the Parks

Did you know that you can absolutely bring food and drink into the Disney Parks and enjoy yourselves- take whatever you’d like!

Magic Kingdom

If you take the ferry over to Tom Sawyer Island, they have a ton of cute picnics. Especially if you have some smaller kids, there’s plenty of playgrounds to run, climb and play. There’s lots to explore, and lots of walking trails. We love that along the walking trails, there are spots with picnic tables and trash cans, just begging to be used for a picnic! 


Once the Railroad reopens, the main Station on Mainstreet USA is a great place to stop. They have these great bistro tables, and you get a great view of Cinderella’s Castle. It’s covered, and a great area to stop and eat.


In Liberty Square, across the street from Sleepy Hallow (behind the Christmas Shop), there’s a beautiful spot, shaded with trees. It has plenty of picnic tables, and it is almost always empty. If you’re lucky, sometimes characters will do meet and greets there, such as Princess Tiana!


Flower and Garden

In the Japan Pavilion in the World Showcase, there’s a great little garden. It’s completely shaded, and you can sometimes catch the live entertainment. The gardens are beautiful, and its a great atmosphere. 


In Italy, they have high-top tables where you can people watch, and see Sergio (the juggler).


EPCOT is a great place for picnics, plenty of gardens, waterfalls, and other unique places to find a spot. 

Mousekemom Tip

If you’re wanting to be able to try some food in the parks still, taking a picnic is a great way to fill up inexpensively. Your group can easily share other treats along the way without breaking the bank.

Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror Hollywood Studios

Outside the Brown Derby, there are some tables outside, between the restaurant and where the bakery, Starring Rolls, used to be. This spot is nice and shady, and some tables have umbrellas, but still close enough for you to be in the thick of it.


  By Rosie’s All-American Cafe on Sunset Boulevard, there as a great picnic option. It’s great for people watching, and you get to hear the people having fun at Tower of Terror. It’s a great atmosphere.


They also have some little benches by Rock’n’Rollercoaster, if that’s more your speed.

Animal Kingdom

Ultimate Day in Animal Kingdom

The pots for picnics are practically endless here in Animal Kingdom- but there are some nice spots next to Harambe Market. There’s always plenty of action nearby- like live music. 


On Discovery Island, near Flame Tree Barbeque, there is a great spot for a perfect picnic. If you’re lucky, you can find a table near the water, with a view of Mount Everest. This is great because you can watch the ride in action as you enjoy your meal.

Picnics are a great way to save money on your next Disney Trip.

Will you be taking a picnic next time you go to the parks? Have a favorite spot we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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