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Always Sunny With Lori – Magical Express

Alright Mousekefriends, I have my work cut out for me here. Disney just announced that they will be eliminating Disney’s Magical Express beginning Jan 1, 2022. Disney’s Magical Express is a free transporation to and from Orlando Intrernational Airport (MCO) to any Walt Disney World Resort.

I will be honest, I am upset. I myself have a young child, and not having to deal with a car seat is a huge plus. Give me a chance to spin some sun here, I promise you will see the light!

Here are a few sunny spots with the Magical Express being cancelled:

  • The Magical Express was Slow
  • Early Theme Park Entry
  •  Minnie Vans??
  • Brightline Trains
The Magical Express Was Slow

Did I use the Magical Express? Yes. Did I complain about the Magical Express on a regular basis? Yes.

The Magical Express is great, you didn’t have to handle your luggage you walked straight to the Magical Express, scanned your bands and boarded a bus. Then came the problems. Depending on your luck that day and how busy it was, you could be on that bus for 2 hours. Trust me, I was on it for 90 mins with 3 kids under the age of 6. The Magical Express would make multiple stops at multiple resorts, resulting in a very long wait. My husband hated the Magical Express. After a long flight the last thing you want to do is sit on a bus with your kids for a long period of time. On the flip side taking it back to the airport could result in a very early wake up time to get to the bus to then have it stop at 5 more resorts. I want to enjoy every minute of my vacation, not sit on a bus!

Early Theme Park Entry

Disney is smart – they know to not hit you with bad news without giving some good news. I feel as though some people missed the great news they also announced! We have been waiting for the long awaited Extra Magic Hours to return, and I think the new Early Theme Park Entry is even better. Extra Magic Hours would be an extra hour for Disney Resort guests to enjoy the parks, but they would be an hour before or after park hours and on random days. Guests would try to arrange their days based on this, having to switch and change plans. Early Theme Park Entry is simple and makes planning easier. You can go 30 mins early to any park, any day. This is a huge plus, and 30 mins is for sure enough time to get on the long wait time rides!

Minnie Vans???

Since the shut down due to Covid, Disney has suspended Minnie Van services. Now, just my thought here, but wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to start this service back up when the Magical Express goes away?  I personally loved the Minnie Vans. For people who don’t know about them, Minnie Vans is a ride share run through Lyft. They were Minnie theme SUVs that were driven by cast members. The big plus – they always had 2 car seats in the trunk. Although they were a little pricey, they were adorable and convenient.

Brightline Trains
Brightline Train

Brightline Trains Announced this winter that they completed plans for a train that would connect Orlando International Airport to Disney Springs. This train line also is connecting Miami to Orlando International Airport. With this in mind, makes sense that this also might be another way to get guests from the airport to the resorts. Disney would have to increase and organize buses from Disney Springs to the Resorts, but it is interesting that this was announced in the early winter, before announcing the end of the Magical Express.

As you can see, there are still a lot of things in the air. We have a whole year before they take away the Magical Express.  I have faith in Disney that there will be more to this story. Take in the Sun and ignore the Doom and Gloom!

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