Best Bathrooms at Walt Disney World

Welcome. Mousekefriends! This week, you’ll have to excuse our potty language- we’re talking about the best bathrooms at Walt Disney World! Join us for the best (and a few of the worst) places to do your business in the parks.

Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Land Bathrooms

These Bathrooms are conveniently located, and adorably decorated. The only thing we don’t love is how small they are! 

Galaxy's Edge Bathrooms

These industrial style bathrooms keep you in the world of Star Wars. The theming is outstanding, and the restrooms are huge. They definitely keep you from lingering with their cold, industrial vibe, but we love them. 

Brown Derby Bathrooms

Pee like royalty in these fabulous restrooms! This restroom’s theming is a continuation of the Brown Derby, with its 1920’s era glitzy atmosphere. It is located right outside of the Club 33 entrance, so get a sneak peak at the entrance as you make a pit stop! 


Space 220

These restrooms are amazingly themed, down to the signs on the wall. Everything is very sterile, but if you listen closely, they play announcements and space jargon over the comms. Keep in mind, you need a reservation to pee here! 

Journey into Imagination

Located to the right of the entrance, they are one of the best ones to use in EPCOT! They are generally empty, because a lot of people don’t even know they’re there. It’s not necessarily pretty, but it’s very clean, and gets bonus points for the OG Figment music.

World Showcase: Norway

These bathrooms follow the theming of Arendelle, and are just adorable. They are quiet, and generally empty. They are the perfect place to Let it Go.

American Adventure

We love these bathrooms because they are huge, in true American fashion, and conveniently located. 

Animal Kingdom

Flight of Passage Queue

They’re not big, and they’re not special, but they are SO convenient. They are, of course, themed to their environment, which is cool. Mostly, we just love that they put restrooms in the queue, as wait times can be longer than the average time people can ignore their bladders.

Magic Kingdom

Tangled Bathrooms

These bathrooms are cool, as they are the only place to see Rapunzel’s theming in the park. The restrooms themselves are conveniently located, and so adorable. We love that they have a great atmosphere outside, too. Look around for the hidden Pascals hidden throughout the scenery.

Space Mountain

We usually don’t condone ride-area restrooms, but we make an exception for these. They are tucked back, away from sight. They also get an honorable mention for saving Mousekemom Jen! 

Bathrooms to Avoid

  • Any bathroom at the front of the parks. If they are located at the entrance/exit, they are usually congested and more dirty, as they are usually busy with people stopping by as the arrive to the park, and when they leave.
  • Test Track Bathrooms. These are notoriously crowded and dirty, from high traffic. Gross,
  • Adventureland Bathrooms. They are humid, and notoriously stinky.
  • Tomorrowland Bathrooms, near Cosmic Rays. These ones are over-crowded. We don’t love it.

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