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Best Rides for Toddlers at the Magic Kingdom

When traveling to Disney World with toddlers, it can be overwhelming and tiring.  The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is home to a ton of options for your littlest travelers, and deciding which rides fit your toddler can be tough. I have been to Walt Disney World with my three kids at every stage of baby and toddler and have outlined the 8 best rides for toddlers at the Magic Kingdom so you know what rides not to miss!


#8. Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

This colorful ride has everything your toddler is looking for: comfy seating in a shell, colorful characters, entertaining music, and little scare factor.  Plus, after the ride you can go directly to Ariel’s Grotto to meet Ariel herself. Lines aren’t typically too long and the queue line has shells in the ground that the kids will love trying to pick up!


#7 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

There is nothing better than climbing into a honey pot to start your journey to the Hundred Acre Wood. This ride bounces, floats, and lifts through the story books. It will keep your little one entertained, and pointing out all their favorite characters.  One of the best things is the queue which has many activities to keep your little one occupied. 


#6 Tomorrowland Speedway/Jungle Cruise

Listing two? That’s cheating, right? Hear me out!  

Children under 2 head to the Jungle Cruise, an easy cruise through the jungle with lots to see, while the adults are entertained by the boat skipper’s commentary.

Over 2 head to Tomorrowland Speedway.  I have never heard my sons laugh so hard as when they were driving me around the track.  That’s right, a 2-year old takes the wheel of the car and you control the gas and brakes.  Since the car is on a track they can swerve to their hearts desire and taking Mom and Dad for a spin will be remembered for years to come.  


#5 Mad Tea Party

A ride for the littlest and the oldest travelers in your party.  You can spin the wheel as fast or as slow as your little one would like.  It is also a great photo opportunity for  all your family fitted into a tea cup. Hearing my boys argue about who made Mommy dizzier was a highlight!


#4 It’s A Small World 

Going to the Magic Kingdom and not going to It’s a Small World is like having a birthday party without blowing out the candles. It’s a classic Disney ride for the whole family. A slow-moving boat takes you through lands around the world while singing the familiar “annoying” song.  There are so many colors, animals and items from the ceiling to the water that your little ones will love taking a relaxing ride around the world. Great place to give a baby a bottle too!


#3 Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

This ride is a must in my house, and a ride that is talked about for many months after. A 2-person ship takes you into Buzz Lightyear’s Ranger program where you will fight off the evil Emperor Zurg. Each person gets a laser gun, easy to use for the little ones and they can spin your ship around and around. Although the adults will try to get the highest score, your little one will love spinning you and shooting at the targets with their own sound effects of course!  


#2 Peter Pan’s Flight

I’ll be honest, I never understood why this ride always had high wait times, until I had kids.  You board a 2-person pirate ship and away you go, flying into the London night and off to Neverland!  There is no scare factor to this ride as it is all colorful fun.  There are so many objects to point out to your little one, and it is a very smooth ride even for infants.  This ride can have high wait times, so try going first thing in the morning!


And #1 Dumbo the Flying Elephant

There is nothing more classic than Dumbo.  Kids of all ages will love that they can control whether you go higher or lower, and flying over Fantasyland makes Dumbo a perfect ride for your toddler.  A plus is after you get off the ride they added a stationary Dumbo so you can take your little one’s picture on Dumbo!

Do you have any recommendations for the best rides for toddlers at the Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.



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