Cheap or FREE Activities in Walt Disney World

Welcome back, Mousekefriends! Today, we are trying to get our dollars to stretch as far as we can while on a trip to Walt Disney World. Let’s dive right in and explore our favorite options for cheap or free things to do while you’re at Walt Disney World. 

5. Mini-Golf and Foot Golf

Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf

Disney has two great mini golf courses. These include Fantasia Gardens and the Winter Summer Course by Blizzard Beach. Both golf courses have two 18-hole options for a great time. These mini-golf offerings are actually included with the Magical Extras package, ask your Travel Advisor if your trip qualifies! (Which makes it FREE) If your trip doesn’t include this magical extra, it’s a cheap option at only $14 per adult, and $12 per child.

On Walt Disney World Property is Oak Trail, which is a golf course that offers foot golf. Foot Golf is where soccer meets golf. You get to kick a soccer ball down the course and into soccer ball-sized holes.  Foot Golf is only offered in the afternoons, but you can reserve your spot ahead of time to ensure you get to enjoy this unique activity! 

4. FREE Things in the Theme Parks

Pirates Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas

What’s better than cheap? FREE! In Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and EPCOT, they have activities that are kid-friendly to embark on. 

KIDCOT Fun Stops are located at EPCOT, in every Pavilion in the World Showcase. Each country has a table set up where kids can go collect activity cards, mementos, and learn about the cultures around the world. This is great because you don’t have to visit each KIDCOT table to get a great experience, you are able to pick and choose what you get to do. You can find more about where each Fun Stop is here. 

At Animal Kingdom, they have Wilderness Explorers. In Wilderness Explorers, you get to follow in the footsteps of the lovable Russel, from Disney Pixar’s UP, as you travel the park, earning wilderness badges. This is a really immersive option, as you get a booklet which you fill with your Wilderness Badge stickers. However, don’t expect to finish it in one day unless you’re really committed to doing nothing except this. We think the best way to collect some of the 25 badges is to stop at each station as you pass it! 

In Magic Kingdom, the Pirates Adventure, called Treasures of the Seven Seas, is a great thing to get to do. This is located in Adventureland, near Pirates of the Caribbean. This activity is an interactive treasure hunt, where you get to channel your inner pirate. You receive a map and list of missions. When you complete each of the five missions, rumor has it that you get a Lightning Lane to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. 

3. FREE Transportation Fun

One fun thing that most people love, is utilizing some of the FREE transportation offerings to enjoy your day. These options include the Monorail, Ferries, Skyliner and busses. The Skyliner and Monorail especially, are practically rides themselves, which are fun for all ages. To add to the free fun, try to time your rides just right. Ride the Monorail, and stop at the Polynesian Resort just before the fireworks and Electrical Water Pageant to watch them light up the sky from the beach. 

2. Visit Disney Springs

Visit at your own risk- Disney Springs is only as cheap as you make it when you visit! There are stores at every price point, as well as cheap rides, like the carousel. There are also freebies you can score when you visit. On the rooftop of the Coca-Cola store, there are great photo-ops, life-size lego models to see, and you can watch local artists working on their craft. If you purchased Memory Maker, there’s a Photopass studio where you can get some great, free pictures done, which are really fun to do.

Of course, there’s some not-so-cheap options where you can splurge on. For example, you can take a ride on the Amphicar next to the Boathouse, or get a ride in the hot air balloon (weather permitting) nearby. 

1. Visit Fort Wilderness Campgrounds

Located at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, there’s lots of free and cheap things to do, even if you aren’t staying there! 

There is a 3.1 mile path to hike or jog, which is mostly shaded. 

The stables are located here, and you can go and meet the horses that make Walt Disney World so magical! Little adventurers can take a pony ride for $10, and others can embark on a 45 minute horseback trail ride for a higher cost. During the holidays, they also have sleigh rides available. 

You can also go catch and release fishing. You are able to rent all the supplies you’ll need at the resort. 

You’re able to rent golf carts, boats and bikes, to make the fun last even longer! If you rent a golf cart or bike during Halloween, Christmas or Easter, you can ride around and see the fantastic decorations that people set up at their own RV campsites. 

For a totally free option, you can enjoy Chip’n’Dale’s Campfire Sing-A-long. Each person gets a free little marshmallow bag, but you can purchase more for s’mores. Then, you get to sing along to some cowboy songs. Chip and Dale often visit, and after all the sing-a-long fun, you can enjoy one of the movies under the stars.

Today’s Mouseketip

Stay on Disney property! There are so many ways to enjoy the resorts, totally free. From pools to playgrounds, to hidden Mickey hunting, and movies under the stars, there’s too many fun things to do. They also have some cheap crafts at some of the resorts, such as painting a Cinderella’s Castle miniature at the Contemporary. 

You can find lists of all the free and cheap activities at your resort, in the lobby, on the My Disney Experience app, or from your Kingdom and Cruise Travel Agent! 

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