Cruella movie review

Cruella Movie Review

Run, do not walk to the movies to see Cruella. It has been a minute since we have seen a movie in an actual movie theater, it was fun to sit in the seats, eat the popcorn and drink the gigantic soda. Cruella De Vil is my all-time favorite villain, so I wanted to see this on “the big screen” and of course write this movie review. 

Back Story
Emma Stone

Yes, I am sure we have all seen 101 Dalmations, in some form. This story takes you before the cute puppies arrive and you get to dive deeper into why Cruella is the way she is!

First, we meet an adorable girl named Estella Miller. who was born with the iconic black and white hair.  Even as a little girl she has a flair for fashion, and causes trouble wherever she goes.  As with every Disney movie, a parent unfortunately must meet their demise, and in this case creating a new villan in the process.  Estella than has to figure out life by herself.  She meets some interesting friends, Horace and Jasper (recognize those names from 101 Dalmations?) and grows up working for The Baroness.  Without giving to much away, this movie shows how Estella Miller turned into Cruella, giving so much more background to this wonderful villain.  Now I won’t spoil any more on the storyline, but make sure to listen to the characters names, as things will start to tie into the classic 101 Dalmatians.

Emma Thompson

First, I have to say that, I love Emma Stone, but what she did with this character was simply amazing. She plays Estella and develops Estella into Cruella, essentially playing two personalities. The character development that was shown was amazing, she deserves an away just saying!

Another amazing character is Baroness played by Emma Thompson. Baroness is our true villain in this movie, and I have to say bravo to Emma! She is no stranger to Disney movies as she played Mrs Potts in live action Beauty and the Beast, P.L Travers from Saving Mr. Banks (love this movie), and Captain Amelia in treasure Planet. She also jumped sides and played Sybil Trelawney in Harry Potter Films. She played the villain perfectly!

How do I see it and is it worth my time?

As I mentioned we made our appearance back into Movie Theaters, as it is now showing in most theaters around country. For others that like the comfort of your home? You can purchase the movie for $30 on Disney +. Yes, you are already paying for the Disney + subscription, but for $30 you have comfort of your home and all the free popcorn you want!

Now, is it worth it? 100% this is a live action Disney movie for the family. I will state, this is a darker movie. There is no real “good guy” in this movie, and shows how a character becomes a villain. With that said it is entertaining for the kids, for myself, and my husband even enjoyed it!

Also… Secret tip, when the credits role, do not leave there is a cute surprise at the end.

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Also, check out the trailer below!

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