D23 Expo: Sunday Recap

Welcome, Mousekefriends! Today, we unfortunately wrap up the 2022 D23 Expo. We’ve had some awesome pieces of news in the cinematic universe, as well as a couple of announcements and reveals for the park’s future endeavors on both Friday and Saturday. We also have Parks updates for Disneyland California and Walt Disney World Resorts

The D23 Expo only happens every other year, so lets jump into the D23 Sunday Recap and soak up the last of the D23 excitement for the season!

Disney Cruise Line

  • The newest entry into the DCL fleet was announced today. Walt’s lifelong love of adventure will be celebrated on board this ship. The statue in the atrium will be Jasmine, Aladdin and Magic Carpet. This new Ship will be called Disney Treasure, because at the heart of every adventure is treasure
  • The Disney Wonder will be going Australia and New Zealand in late October of 2023. They will also be booking a repositioning cruise for Fiji and Samoa.
  • Disney has started work on another island in the Bahamas, Eleuthera. Their destination will be called Lighthouse Point.  90% of the power of Lighthouse point will be solar, making it a sustainable destination. They are working with Bahamian advisors to create an authentic experience on the island.

International Parks News

  • Zootopia will be coming to Shanghai . You’ll be welcomed by Officer Clawhauser. We got a sneak peak of the animatronic (above)
  • Linabell, the fox, friend of duffy, was wildly popular in Shanghai. She made an appearance at D23. Duffy and friends will also be getting a new show on Disney+, including Linabell!
  • To celebrate the 100th anniversary, Disneyland Hong Kong will be getting a commemorative statue of Walt Disney and Mickey. It is supposed to be reminiscent of the iconic scene where Walt watched his daughter on the Carousel, and dreamed to have a place to enjoy something like that together.  
  • Frozen World will open in the 2nd half of 2023 in Hong Kong.
  • Disneyland Paris’s new Frozen attraction features a Frozen Promenade, and will be receiving a new Tangled Attraction for all ages!
  • Tokyo Disney Resort will be getting a Frozen attraction, where elsa will sing in Japanese, and she was articulated to move with the flow of the Japanese version, making her unique. 

100 Years of Wonder At Disneyland

Disney’s 100 years of wonder, starting in January. It will be the biggest celebration yet! The heart of it all will be at the Disneyland resort. We’ll see platinum infused decor, new looks for Mickey, Minnie and pals, the return of the Magic Happens Parade, and in late January, they will receive 2 new nighttime spectaculars.  World of Color 1 at California Adventure, and Wonderous Journeys, taking us on a fireworks adventure of the 60 films in the last 100 years. It will feature an incredible, new song, wonderous. 

We will always be in search of Walt’s great big beautiful tomorrow. We dare to dream it and you all complete the picture” -Josh D’Amaro

Thank You For Sticking With Us For The 2022 D23 Expo, Mousekefriends! We Hope You Enjoyed It As Much As We Have!

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