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Welcome Mousekefriends! D23 Expo is just so chock-full of information, that we had to split it up, so you could appreciate it all! Sunday, John D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products started off the morning. 

EPCOT Expansion Updates

  • Communicore will be opening soon at EPCOT. No official date was given, but we are excited! 
  • World Nature Neighborhood with Moana’s Journey of Water will open late 2023!
  • We will be able to meet our favorite pal, Figment, in EPCOT, starting next year.

Magic Kingdom Updates

  • D’Amaro announced that Walt Disney World Fireworks Show, Happily Ever After will be back next year! Fans rejoice (and cry!) over this special announcement!
  • With the popularity and success of Disneyland’s Hatbox Ghost, he will materialize in Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion next year! 
  • Tron Light Cycle attraction will be opening soon. So soon, in fact that D’Amaro and the Imagineers over the attraction have already had a test ride! Spring of 2023 will be the debut of this amazing ride!
  • Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will be coming late 2024. We got a little bit of the storyline for the new attraction. The year is 1927, and Tiana is throwing a party for New Orleans- but she’s missing an ingredient. So guests will join her to help her get ready for the party and help retrieve the last ingredient. This attraction will have the magical aura of New Orleans, and light up beautifully at night. Several of the film’s cast will reprise their roles for the ride.

  • Magic Kingdom’s BlueSky possibilities include a reimagining Frontierland… and beyond!  Beyond Big Thunder Mountain, imagine a little town of mexico, where they are celebrating Dio De Los Muertos… and spend time along with Coco and friends! Or possibly, talk about Bruno… and bring the Madrigal’s Casita to life, where we can explore Casita with Mirabel! This last one is far on the horizon- but they are discussing an area overrun by villains, past Casa Madrigal! 

Possible Imaginings for Animal Kingdom

Concept Art for Animal Kingdom

Disney also announced they are taking on a Blue Sky project- the possibilities of transformation in Dinoland of Animal Kingdom! They are beginning to imagine how to bridge the gap between movies and Animals for Animal Kingdom, and are workshopping Zootopia, Moana, they have many aspirations and possibilities for this area. 

Thanks for Following Along! What are you most excited for at Walt Disney World?

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