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Dear Bob(s): Where are my fireworks??

Dear Bob(s),

I’d first like to say thank you for the small steps forward you’ve been giving us lately. First, you modified your mask policy by now allowing guests to remove masks for outdoor photos while social distancing (and just in time for my family to enjoy that perk- thanks). Then last week you announced that temperature screenings would be phased out. Awesome! You’ve given us some amazing things to look forward to with the Disney Wish, the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet, and the Boo Bash to celebrate all things spooky and Halloween. Great. I shouldn’t complain or make any requests. But……. Bob(s), where are my fireworks???

Happily Ever After

Look, I get it. We don’t want crowds gathering just yet. But with all of the brilliant minds in Walt Disney Imagineering, you can’t think of a way to bring them back? You want to know my theory? Glad you asked! I think they’re coming! Here is my proof:

  1. Engineers have been hard at work building and (as of recently) testing out the structure for the new HarmonioUS show on the lagoon in Epcot. Construction is one thing, but when guests report seeing actual testing on the water this week, and reports of fireworks testing last month, I think you’ve got something up your sleeve.
  2. Just yesterday, there were reports out of Hollywood Studios that brand new Fantasmic banners were seen flying along Sunset Boulevard. Why would you invest in new signage if we had another year to wait to enjoy that show once again?
  3. Also just last week, there were new job postings for fireworks and special effects designers. This is the biggest piece of evidence so far.
Epcot fireworks
Hollywood Studios fireworks
Fireworks Jobs

So please, Bob(s). Put us out of our misery and just let us in on the plan. Keep giving us these things to look forward to. It helps. It really does. We all need a bit of magic in our lives and these days, there is nothing more magical than to see the world getting back to normal once again. Make these MousekeMoms (and Mousekefans) happy and tell us: where are our fireworks??

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