Disney Roadtrip

Disney Roadtrip Tips

With more and more people opting to jump in the car vs plane, Disney Roadtrips have become very popular lately in this COVID era. Roadtrips with little ones can be very daunting, hours in the car, entertaining, bathroom breaks, ect. These Mousekeoms are here to the rescue with Disney Roadtrip Tips and Hacks! Before we get to the Roadtrip you can read all about what to pack here.

Let me start by saying I have done many roadtrips with three boys under 8 and 2 dogs. If I can do it, so can you, and you can have fun in the process!

Plan Stops Ahead of Time
Disney Roadtrip Stop

Depending on where you are driving from, and for how long, you need to take a quick look at stops along the way. If you are driving a long ways and looking for a place to stop to sleep, I highly recommend La Quinta Hotel. They do not have a dog weight limit and allow cats. There are plenty along the highway as well! 

If your trip doesn’t require an overnight stay, make sure you plan some areas to stop and stretch some legs. Rest stops have made sa huge comeback! If the weather is nice you can walk around and enjoy a picnic before climbing back in the car.  Better yet, pack a ball for the kids to play for a bit outside!

Entertaining the Kiddos

Depending on the age of your children, this can be tough. Older ones are easier, my boys, I hand them a Kindle or Ipad with games loaded, and I could drive to Mexico! Other ideas for them are coloring books, Ispy games, or ask their teachers for some extra credit homework for them to finish.

I also recommend something that plays movies. It’s a great way to break up the hours. Of course, grab or download their favorite Disney Movies to get them ready for Walt Disney World. You can also download some of the imagineer shows from Disney +, and have them gain some Disney Knowledge.

Toddlers are a bit different. I have found with my 2 year old Disney episodes and movies work for a bit than they start to lose interest. We purchased this awesome tray for him that straps around for him to have a tray. This works great to hold his favorite toys, coloring, ect. My son loves dinosaurs and animals so I grab a baggy of them and he will play with them for a while.

Snacks and Food

First, I can not say this enough, limit their beverage consumption! If you don’t your drive will have 2 hours added on with bathroom breaks. Now don’t get me wrong, you can’t dehydrate the children, but they also don’t need to drink a giant gatorade in 2 minutes right after you stopped.

I have found keeping a mini cooler in the back filled with snacks for them to grab when they want works out great. Make sure you have a variety of healthy and some treats. Trail mix, granola bars, apple sauce pouches are our favorites.I than keep the beverages up by me so I can monitor consumption. Now, I have heard of some moms ( not me of course) who have handed their boys empty gatorade bottles so they didn’t need to stop again, but please make sure you know where that bottle gets placed 🙂

Comfort Is Key
Disney Christmas Pajamas

Throw the kiddos in their  favorite Disney Pajamas. Have them grab their pillows and a blanket as well. Make the kiddos as comfortable as possible. I suggest shoes that are easy to take on and off. Of course grab their favorite Disney Stuffed animals as friends for the ride!  The key is for the kids to take a nap (and possible mom too!)

Another fun idea for your Disney Roadtrip is to use window markers and write “Disney World Bound!” on the car!

I have always said to enjoy the journey to where you are going, you can make countless memories before you even get to Walt Disney World. Or if it goes badly and you are counting down the minutes to get out of the car, just think, you are going to Walt Disney World!

Comment below on your favorite items for a Roadtrip, and contact us to plan where you will stay!

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