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Disneyland Paris Closes Again

The most visited tourist destination in all of Europe, Disneyland Paris closes again. After enjoying only 3 months of reopening, the park will raise its ropes for at least four weeks for a second time after tomorrow, October 29. 

Disneyland Paris closed for the first time this year on March 15 but was able to reopen again to much fanfare on July 15. Hours were significantly reduced at the park and at  Disney Village. The parks employed stringent safety and social distancing measures as reported by your MousekeMoms. Crowds remained low, and despite a small number of positive cases among non-public-facing cast members, there were no reported guest cases or outbreaks associated with the park.

Ten days ago, the French President Emanuel Macron decreed a 9pm curfew for all of Paris, especially crippling the popular Disney Village area nightlife, which was at the time only open after 5pm. Despite the curfew effort, cases, deaths, and critical hospitalizations related to Covid 19 have continued to spike in Paris.

This closure, while not yet officially announced by Disney, comes with great sadness but no surprise to Parisians after President Macron’s speech at 8pm CET today. France, now touted as Europe’s epicenter for Covid 19 cases, is issuing a national lockdown as of midnight Thursday. While we expect to find out the details of the lockdown from the Prime Minister tomorrow, we do know that all non essential activity outside of the home is banned, travel is restricted, attestations (papers) will be required for leaving home, and all bars and restaurants will be closed.

So, even with strict safety measures in place, Disneyland Paris is forced to abide by this new decree and raise the ropes. The goal, according to Macron, is to lift these restrictions as of December 1, but that remains to be seen. We will continue to follow this story closely for any changes as well as how it will affect our beloved Disneyland Paris Cast Members. As Disneyland Paris closes again, our hearts are with you.

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