Disneyland Versus Walt Disney World Attractions

Welcome back, Mousekefriends! It’s always fun to compare Disneyland and Disney World. Disneyland California is home to more than 90 rides and attractions, while Disney World in Orlando has 165. These two unique locations have many similarities, and plenty of differences- so let’s dive right in!


Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise is first on the list. This beloved attraction is a must-do for so many, from the lovely sights to see, to the great jokes from the skipper- you don’t want to miss this attraction in either park.There’s no significant differences between the two locations though

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates ride in Disneyland is definitely different to the one in Orlando. Disneyland’s version is definitely longer. It has extended scenes when you are traveling through the town the pirates have looted, an arsenal, and it’s just a longer (better) ride. It still shares similarities with Disney World, including the three pirates trying to get the keys from the dog, but it’s a totally different experience!

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

In Disney World, we have the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, based on the 1960 film, Swiss Family Robinson. This used to be the theme of the treehouse in Disneyland as well, until it was rethemed as Tarzan’s Treehouse. Tarzan’s is currently being refreshed, and is slated to reopen in 2023 as Adventureland Treehouse, as an homage to its Floridian Swiss Family Counterpart.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

The Tiki Room in both parks is EXACTLY identical. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!


Small World

Small World is different between the two parks. Not only does the Disneyland version take your boats outdoors, and they include favorite Pixar Pals. The Disney World version is shorter, you can totally skip it!


Dumbo is identical in both parks, but the queue is not. Definitely check out the Disney World version, there’s so much fun to be had for everyone as you wait!

Mad Tea Party

Disney Kids Under 3 Rides

The Mad Tea Party is identical in both locations, except for the fact that it is covered in Florida- probably because of the weather! You never know when it will rain in the sunshine state.


You may be saying, “Hey, Disneyland doesn’t have a Barnstormer!” But in Toontown at Disneyland, they have Gadget’s Go Coaster. It’s pretty much the same ride with different characters.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has the same ride vehicles, but different tracks. Some people love one, and not the other. However, unless you’re a die-hard fan of this attraction, you probably won’t notice a huge difference.

Splash Mountain

While Disney World’s counterpart has closed, you still have a little time to ride Disneyland’s! The main difference between the two rides (besides one still existing) is the ride cars. Disneyland opted for a single rider car, while Disney World had you sitting by twos. However, both will be transformed in the future into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. 

Liberty Square

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

The classic dark ride’s differences really come down to facade. Disneyland’s exterior is a classic New Orleans style mansion, while Disney World’s is more of a brick-style. The queue in Florida is much more immersive and fun- and the ride itself is a little longer with more scenes.


Space Mountain

space mountain

These two rides have different ride cars. The California version seats you by twos, and Disney World seats you individually. Disneyland’s is supposedly faster, and plays music as you ride, making it a fan favorite among Disney fans. 

Tomorrowland Speedway

In Disneyland, they call it Autopia, but it is similar nonetheless. The Tomorrowland Speedway in general is not our favorite, but we enjoy its Californian counterpart.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

In Disneyworld, the blaster is stationary. In Disneyland, you are able to pick up your blaster and point and shoot freely. 

Hollywood Studios

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror Hollywood Studios

This ride is different in Disneyland, as it has since been turned in to Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. While we do love a good Guardians ride, we’re glad we have to OG in Florida.

Toy Story Land vs Cars Land

Toy Story land is located in Orlando, and Cars land is in Anaheim, and are definitely two different, yet successful franchises. They do have some similarities though, like the Alien Swirling Saucers is similar to Mater’s junkyard Jamboree. 


Spaceship Earth EPCOT

Test Track

Test track exists in Disney World, but it is differently themed in Disneyland. In Disneyland, it exists in Cars Land as Radiator Racers.

Animal Kingdom

Indiana Jones

In Disneyland, they have a thrill ride, that utilizes the same ride vehicle as Dinosaur in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Disney World’s Indiana Jones attraction in the Stunt Spectacular, which is an awesome stunt show- although definitely not the same as a ride. 

Today’s Mouseketip

Don’t miss opening day attractions, such as Jungle Cruise, Autopia, Mad Tea Party and Peter Pan’s Flight… these attractions are what made Disneyland what it is today!

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