Disney’s Slow Season

When is the Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World

 If you’ve been anywhere on social media lately, you’ve likely noticed people posting trip pics showing off insanely low crowds, zero wait times for attractions and even mid-day boarding group distribution for Rise of the Resistance. Yes, this is Disney’s Slow Season. Today we’re going to break that down for you and tell you exactly what that means for your next Disney adventure. But first…… our Mousekecocktail. 


Dad's Electric Lemonade
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Let’s take a look today at a lounge that often is not so easy to get into during the crowded season. And as luck would have it, this venue has recently reopened since it’s closure in March 2020 for COVID. We’re talking about the Tune-In Lounge located near the entrance of Disney’s Hollywood Studios popular eatery, the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. 

This fun lounge is small and the drinks are old fashioned and make you nostalgic for the bygone era of tv dinners and poodle skirts. 

One of the most popular drink orders here:

Dad’s Electric Lemonade: Vodka, Blue Curaçao, Sweet-and-Sour, Sprite®, and a Souvenir Glow Cube

Disney's Slow Season Pros

The most obvious pro to traveling during Disney’s Slow Season is fewer crowds. Naturally, this translates into lower wait times for attractions, which we all love. But it means so much more than fewer people in the parks. It means having more time to Stop and Smell the Roses. It means fewer people trying to snag those highly coveted dining reservations, E-ticket Boarding Passes, or Genie Plus Indivudual Attraction Selectios. Fewer people means a higher likelihood of being selected for audience participation at shows like Festival of the Lion King, or, my personal favorite Turtle Talk with Crush. Fewer people means Disney actually offers more Festivals and Parties to draw people in.

There’s a financial benefit to booking your trip at a time when fewer people travel. During Disney’s Slow season we see decreases in resort rack rates, cheaper airfare, and often specially released promotions. 

Disney's Slow Season Cons

With so many pros to traveling during Disney’s Slow Season, you might struggle to come up with cons. There aren’t many….

Florida boasts an average of 237 sunny days a year, but weather can be a concern for many. However you perceive the risk of hurricanes in September, if you simply can NOT stand the heat, avoid the mid September slow down when temps can still be in the upper 90s. Some of us absolutely require a sunny, Florida vacation with temperatures warm enough to lounge by the pool. If you can relate, avoid February for example, when warm weather is never a guarantee. 

Also know that in January/February, the water parks and some attractions are closed for refurbishment. You may even see that during particularly slow periods, some snack cart or quick service options won’t be available. 

Does Disney Really Have a Slow Season?

Yes……and No. There isn’t really a season at Disney that is slow. Consider it more like a few periods throughout the year when crowds tend to be historically lighter. We’ve all been seeing extremely low wait times lately that coincide with some of the trends of years prior to 2020. We expect to see certain trends to continue into 2022.  So, whether you want to book a last minute Disney Slow Season Getaway for this year or you are looking ahead to 2022, you are probably wondering, “when is the best time to go to Walt Disney World.” The most important thing to remember don’t wait for school vacations. Sometimes you can’t avoid it, but let’s go month by month:

  • January/February – With the WDW Marathon the weekend following New Year’s in 2022, crowds will get lighter after MLK weekend. Crowds will increase for President’s Day Weekend, school breaks,  and Disney Princess Half Marathon the following weekend. If you can’t avoid scheduling your vacation during school breaks, February is the best option.
  • March/April – Weather is very appealing, but by mid March crowds can be moderate to heavy as Spring Breaks vary around the country. Avoid the weeks just before and just after Easter. In 2022, expect the new Disney Springtime Surprise Run to draw some people the March 30 to April 3.
  • May – a MousekeMoms favorite. Once Spring Break crowds die down but before Memorial Day is a great time to visit Disney, especially with preschoolers. In lots of places, these littles get out of school for the year well before Memorial Day, unlike older kids. Take advantage of great weather and low crowds from now until the second week or so of June.
  • June/July/August – Once all schools are out, you can expect very heavy crowds all Summer, particularly around July 4. Crowds can taper off dramatically after mid August as kids start heading back to school, so it’s a great time to go if you can stand the heat. 
  • September – This is the sweet spot. Between Labor Day and mid October are a dream at Disney. Summer fun is over. Kids are headed back to school. Routines are being established.  Everyone is looking forward to Fall and Winter Holidays. But at Disney, weather is cooling (a little). Halloween celebrations begin. Fall decor is up. Food and Wine is underway. Go ahead, do it.


We didn’t have to think very hard on this one. Travel during one of Disney’s Slow Seasons. If you can get away while school is in session, do so. If you can’t, we get that too. Use the tips in this article and give us a call to help you get the most out of your trip whenever we can get you there. And for more of our tips, tricks, and opinions, be sure to listen to the full podcast episode on Disney’s Slow Season.

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