Expedition Everest

Everest Expedition

Everest Expedition is my all-time FAVORITE Disney ride. Launched in 2006 and located in Animal Kingdom, Everest is an extreme rollercoaster that is sure to wow any thrill-seeking guest. You’ll whip across mountaintops, ride backwards, experience G-force, speed down an 80-foot drop, and have a real-life encounter with the Yeti! The Disney Imagineers did not miss a beat when designing this ride, so bring a hairbrush – you’ll need it!

How to Get to Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is in Animal Kingdom’s Asia section and getting there is very easy. When you enter the park, walk straight towards the Tree of Life in Discovery Island. From there, turn right and follow the signs to “Dinoland U.S.A.” You’ll cross a bridge to get there. Right after you cross the bridge, turn left and follow that path towards a large white building where Finding Nemo – The Musical is performed. Once you get there, you should see a large mountain with snow on top – that’s Everest! Cross the bridge right after you pass Finding Nemo and you will see the entrance to the ride on your right.

Expedition Everest Entrance
Wait Times

This ride does feature a FastPass line and a single-rider line, and both will get you on the ride quickly. For regular riders, wait times vary depending on the time of year. During the summer, on weekends, and over holidays, you can expect wait times to be upwards of 60 minutes. But in the off-season you should be able to get on within 30 minutes.

Expedition Everest line
What to Expect in Line

Expedition Everest is based on the one thousand-year old legend of the Yeti, and it’s line is one of the best in park. Shrines and statues of the mountain beast can be found along the outside portion of the queue, whereas a tour of the company’s booking office and a Yeti museum are inside. The museum features information on the monster, newspaper clippings, Yeti books and magazines, hiking gear, sightings of the beast, and evidence that proves his existence. Even for the non-believers, you’ll enjoy reading the stories and myths surrounding the legend!

Once you pass through the museum’s winding path, you will come to the final room before meeting a cast member. The room will have a sign that says “Meet Your Staff” and include photos of different Everest guides and their treks up the mountain. You’ll see information about the guides and explanations on different types of expeditions, and learn a little about base camp and how they carry everything with them on the hike. It’s all very interesting, and seeing it never gets old. Trust me – I’ve read each plaque at least 100 times.

What to Expect on the Ride

The “Meet Your Staff” room is the last bit of line before getting to the loading dock. Once you get to the front of the line, a crew member will ask how many are in your party and send you to a second crew member who will assign you a train car. Don’t worry though – if you want the front or the back then you can request a specific row for a little extra wait. Each car can carry 34 passengers in 17 two-person rows.

Once you get all snug and cozy in your train car, you’ll finally head out on your expedition! The first couple minutes of the ride will take you on a steep incline up Mt. Everest. You chug along for a minute or so before you reach the top. Don’t close your eyes though, you’ll want to enjoy the amazing views of Animal Kingdom and other parks on your way up!

When you get to the top, you’ll ride to a break in the tracks, and just…sit…for a suspenseful couple of seconds. Then, the thrill will begin! You’ll plunge backwards into a speedy dive that will flip your stomach (in a good way), and after a sudden halt, you will come face to face will the Yeti! After he sabotages the tracks, you’ll plunge forward down an 80-foot cliff where a camera is positioned to snap your photo – so don’t forget to smile!

After the drop, the ride continues with more dips, dives, and speedy turns until you finally come to a rest at the arrival station. The good thing about Expedition Everest is that its newer, so it won’t be as jerky or shaky as older rides at Magic Kingdom, like Big Thunder Mountain. So, you shouldn’t experience sore muscles or an achy back when you get off.

Post-Ride Tip

You may have just trekked up to the top of Mt. Everest, but it’s still hot in Florida! Whenever I’m done with my expedition, I like to treat myself to a cold beer and some yummy ice cream from the convenient stands nearby! Just steps to the right of Everest, Thirsty River Bar serves frozen cocktails and mocktails, and Anandpur whips up delicious soft serve. Enjoy!


Want to see Expedition Everest in person and meet the Yeti? Contact Taylor today!

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