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We MousekeMoms spent much of season one sacrificing our dignity for your entertainment and sharing the good, the bad, the ugly, the embarrassing. We thought it would be fun (and proof that we’re not alone) to ask our listeners (as well as our friends over in the Facebook group, Disney World Junkies): Tell us your funniest Disney vacation memories in 5 words or less. You delivered. But first…

Our Mousekecocktail

We’re talking about our funniest Disney memories so why not pair that with a funny Mousekecocktail? Not necessarily a funny cocktail but definitely a location with the potential to give you some more funny stories to add to your bank: Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto in Disney’s Polynesian Resort. 

You’re bound to have a laugh at Trader Sams. I know we have some of our own very funny memories together there, but unfortunately some of us remember the details at all, and it may be because of this:

Spiced Island

Knob Creek Disney Select Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon, St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, Orgeat (Almond), and Pineapple Juice

It’s one of 2 or 3 non rum based cocktails on the menu and it’s delicious. Allspice dram is a rum based liqueur, but it really just gives it a cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg flavor.

The Newsreel

Magical Express

The number one exciting bit of happy news for our first week of 2021, were the release of some new discounts.

PLAY 2 EXTRA DAYS:  Get 2 extra days added to your ticket when you buy a 4-night/3-day room-and-ticket package at select Disney Resort hotels, valid for arrivals most nights January 8, 2021 through September 25, 2021. 

SPRING INTO MAGIC room discount:  save up to 30% for stays April 18 through July 10. Book by May 27.

MEMORY MAKER: activate your advance purchase Memory Maker Jan. 4-May 18 and download all photos and videos captured through June 18! Great for multiple trips. 

Previously released discounts that are still in effect:

Enjoy added peace of mind when booking! You can modify or cancel your reservation with extra flexibility through April 30, 2021

Save up to 35% on rooms at select Disney Resort hotels for stays most nights January 3 through April 17, 2021. Book by March 15, 2021.

Also contact us about current discounts for Florida residents, Annual Passholders and Military Personnel. 

In other news which was met with mixed emotions, Disney announced this week that Extra Magic Hours will be replaced by Early Morning Magic.  As such, Disney will open all four theme parks exclusively to resort guests (and guests from other select off-site resorts) one half hour before opening to the public daily. No date was announced for this perk, just that we could expect it “in time for 50th celebration” (which is 10/1/21)

But the real news that generated the most buzz (much of which was negative) was the announcement that Disney’s Magical Express will be discontinued as of 1/1/22.  We discussed multiple theories and reasons and scenarios which you can read about here. 

Daily Roundup

Now for the results of our shameless crowdsourcing of the funniest disney shenanigans in 5 words.

Category 1: Potty Humor

Poop Emoji

Nothing is funnier than poop, even if you are not a 7 year old boy.  And our listeners delivered some real doozies.

Holly Tice Martini

“Farts before riding Mine Train.”

    • Holly explains: “It wasn’t me, but someone must have had a meal that didn’t agree. The smell made waiting in line a little unpleasant.  you would think it was over and then surprise, you walk forward and about pass out from the odor.”

Hailey Black

“Kid blurts moms bathroom business”

  • Hailey explains:  I was in the bathroom at Animal Kingdom washing my hands. It was super busy but of course the moment someone wasn’t using a hand dryer or flushing a toilet a little boy in a stall with his mom says (really loud) “DON’T WORRY MOMMY, I WON’T TELL ANYONE YOU’RE POOPING!” I felt so bad for her. Those of us at the sink all kind of smiled at each other but didn’t dare laugh so she wasn’t any more mortified but hey! I get it! You gotta go when you gotta go and can’t leave a little kid outside the stall alone.”

Nick Richardson

“Diaper Blowout during Race Academy”

  • Nick explains: “It’s not often my wife and I have someone to take the kids for a few minutes to ride a coaster together. While my wife and I were on Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster my Mom took my 4 yr old and our 1 year old to Lightning McQueen Race Academy. Half way through the show my 1 yr old had a blowout while my Mom was holding her. It was everywhere. Required a full blown wardrobe change for both my daughter and Mom…”
  • Jennifer responded: “Oh my!!! I hope you treated your mom after that. Cocktails?”
  • Nick goes on,  “She got a brand new spirit jersey out of it.”

Margaret Calkins

“Diaper blowout on Pirates ride.”

  • This one needed no further explanation, but Jennifer’s quick response was, “the pirates scared the ship out of him?”

Shannon Ellis Montgomery

“Bird pooped on my shoulder.”

  • Shannon explains: “We had two of us join the BCC in one trip. BCC is the Bird Crappers Club…at the time it was a bunch of teenagers!”

Lori Vogt

“ I need to go Poop”

  • Our very own MousekeMom, Lori had a story of her own to contribute. She explains: “This just happened! My littlest announced at Kona loudly that he needed to Poop and proceeded to go under the table and yell “I’m pooping” for the entire restaurant to hear.”

Category 2: Breaking all the rules

Heather Joy

“I was ticketed for frowning”

  • Heather explains: “So this one happened 25 years ago… I went [to Disney] with my mom and step father and my step father was being mean and controlling everything about the entire trip. I didn’t get to pick anything we did or ate and I wanted to get ice cream and he told me no. So I rolled my eyes and had an angry expression when a cop on Main Street walked by. He turned back around and came up to me and said excuse me ma’am but I’m gonna have to write you a ticket. I said why and he said because you’re frowning at the happiest place on earth and that is not allowed. I remember I got upset and yelled at my step father that he had to pay it because it was his fault for not getting me ice cream. I legit thought the ticket he wrote me was real. I mean it looked official. So then there was banter with my step father about not denying ice cream at Disney and I ended up getting my ice cream but left believing I had to pay a ticket.”

Jennifer MacDonald

“Accidental hotel breaking and entering.”

  • Jennifer explains: “We [stayed in] Saratoga Springs Resort a few years ago and got in late (12-1am). Went to check in and get our magicbands from the front desk. He gave us the map with building and room number. When we got to the room (with all of our bags), the door wouldn’t open. We tried all 5 magicbands before calling the front desk. They sent someone over with a master key thinking that the magicbands were programmed wrong or the mechanism on the door broke. When she opened the door, that metal security thing caught on the door. And that’s when we realized that the cast members were now trying to help us with a little midnight B&E. She called the desk… the guy had given us the [wrong] room on the opposite side of the hotel property from where we were supposed to be. Thankfully, they never woke up. But we also can’t remember if we ever shut the door for them before leaving.We all laughed hysterically for far too long. The female cast member took us to our real room and checked it out before we went in… you know, just in case.Lots of extra [FastPasses] and apologies were sent our way. We took the [FastPasses] because duh, but it’s a great story. We always [refer to it as the] ‘incident.’”

Bethany Lane

“Arrested in batuu by stormtroopers”

  • As Bethany explains, “me and my twin dressed up like Rey and Leia and a lot of people referred to me as princess and they asked us lots of questions but then we were walking and the stormtroopers arrested us and made us walk through the entire Galaxy’s Edge.” 

Juliana Castelli Grohman

“Put Grandma in a wheelchair”

  • Who could forget our very own MousekeMom, Juliana’s rule breaking shenanigans from her trip with Grandma years ago. Take a listen to our “Best of Season One” episode to refresh your memory.

Category 3: Ride Mishaps

Dumbo Ride

Dana Dunlap

“I ran into a pole.”

  • Dana tells us: “When I was younger I got off Big Thunder Mountain and was looking the other way when walking and ran right into one of those big wooden poles.” 
  • When Jennifer asked, “Did anyone see??? “ Jenna Renee Orban (we’re guessing a family member of Dana’s) responded, “Yes! Her entire family! We never let her live it down!  That’s what family is for….”
  • Jennifer also asked if someone captured it on film. Jenna replied, “I’m sure someone in the 90’s had their camcorder out.”

We MousekeMoms are confident that had this happened to Dana recently, she would’ve surely been a Disney meme.

Roxy Central

“Fell on nephew on JungleCruise.”

  • As Roxy explains, “I’m not being rude, but they had mostly big people [seated] all on one side, so when we stood up, I lost my balance due to the boat rocking. I fell on top of [my nephew] and couldn’t get up. Between me laughing and the boat rocking, it was bad. He wouldn’t come near me for a ½ hour. We were crying, it was so funny. He was 3.  It was priceless!! I had to bribe my nephew with cookies to come near me!!!!”

Gwenn Albera DeCesare

“Fell out of Dumbo ride.”

  • Gwenn tells her story: “I’d never ridden Dumbo in all these years (my daughters are 20 and 18 now, so we’ve had many Disney vacations). So this past February my 18 year old and I rode on it. I basically caught my foot getting out of the yellow dumbo and fell right out of it!!! My daughter was laughing so hard….. I got up and ran so no [Cast Member] would see me!!!” 
  • She really did hurt herself though- she sent us a picture of her battle wound. Gwenn says, “Funny thing is that my scar is Mickey shaped. I say it’s Magical!!!”

Christina Raasch Sears

“It’s just a small train ride.”

  • Christina says, “I know it’s 6 words but it is the the most famous quote from our first Walt Disney World trip, when I was describing Big Thunder Mountain to my husband.
  • When Jennifer asked how her husband felt AFTER the ride, Christina responded “We have had trust issues ever since.”

Mouseketip of the day:

Be a kid

Our advice to you this week after a fun episode of (humiliating) stories? Let loose. Be a kid. Don’t take yourself too seriously. That’s when you’ll sometimes get the best memories. And purchase the Memory Maker to get it all on film.

Take a listen this week to Season 2: Episode 2. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Do you have any funny Disney memories? Let us know in the comments. We love to hear from you!

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