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Genie+ Allows You to Modify Lightning Lane Selections with New Update

Hello, Mousekefriends! Big changes have happened this week, with the Genie+ update- let’s dive in so you know what’s changed!

Genie+ Update

When Genie+ first debuted, once you made your 3 Lightning Lane selections, you could not change them. You would be stuck with that attraction and time, unless you fully cancelled your slot, and there was no gurarantee you would be able to book your desired attraction and time, or get your old one back.

With this new update, once you make your Lightning Lane selections, you are able to modify them, so you don’t have to lose the ones you have before changing them.  

Genie Plus

Step By Step on How To Modify Your Lightning Lane Selections

  • Once you purchase Genie+, make your selections as normal
  • If you are wanting to change your selections, you’ll go to “My Day” in your My Disney Experience App and review your plans.
  • Click the 3 dots to the right of the Lightning Lane Selection you want to modify
  • Several options will come up, “Manage Details”, “Modify Plan”, “View My Party” and “Get Directions”. You will select “Modify Plan”
  • When you select “Modify Experience, you will be taken to the next screen, which will allow you to select a new time, if available, or to select a new experience altogether. 
  • Once you select your changes, you will be brought to the next screen, where you will review your changes, and prompted to confirm your changes.
  • Once you refresh your plans, your new selections should appear in your My Disney Experience App

And there you have it! You have successfully modified your Lightning Lane selection!

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