Getting to Know Our Mousekemoms: Lori

Getting to Know our Mousekemoms

Mousekemoms- they always give us great advice and keep us up to date on the latest and greatest Disney has to offer. They give us our perfect Disney trips, and we feel like they’re part of our own circle of friends. However, what do we really know about them? Join us for this series, where we will be learning more about our lovely Mousekemoms, Jen, Lori and Juliana. Today, we will be getting to know our Mousekemoms, starting with Lori.

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

Well, I’m from Chicago, the northwest suburbs. I’m mom of three boys, all under ten years old. I’ve been going to Disney every year since I was five, except maybe a couple of years in my early twenties. My goal was to take my kids to Disney as young as possible. They all went very young, one of my sons went to Disneyland at 1. All my boys love Disney as well. My favorite character is Tinkerbell, I love her sassy attitude. 

How did you "Get Into" the Disney Lifestyle?

Like I said, I pretty much grew up at Disney- my grandparents had a timeshare at Marriott outside of Disney- and we went yearly. I love that its a place you can go to ignore world and all adult issues. My husband knew, I either wanted a Disney proposal or Disney wedding, and I got the Disney proposal. Its a place you can go and get to be a kid. You kind of go through a point in your life where you have a separate love for Disney yourself,  then having children, you get to experience it through their eyes.

What is your favorite Disney Property (park, resort or both)?

Ooh, this is a hard one. I’d have to say Magic Kingdom. I love Epcot, just like any good Mousekemom, but I love Magic Kingdom. It makes me feel like I’m at home and really, at Disney. Its iconic. One of my favorite parts is walking through the tunnel and getting to Main Street USA, to see the Castle at the end. It’s just magic.


What's been your favorite Mousekecocktail so far?

We did one of the fig drinks in Morocco. It’s usually out during the food and wine festival. It has the Star Anise in it. That one is awesome. Actually- any of the ones that Disney makes with fig, they make their own fig liquor or cocktail mix and it is fantastic. 

Park hopping or Resort hopping?

I would say park hopping. Especially with kids, we did three resorts in one week on our last trip. That was a LOT with three boys, so definitely park hopping.

What is your favorite Disney Restaurant?

Okay, so I have two. First is going to be California Grill before the prefix 50th Anniversary Menu. I thought the food was awesome with the ambience, it was just fantastic. The other is Brown Derby. Hollywood Studios doesn’t have a ton of offerings that are that good, but I think Brown Derby is just fantastic in general. I love their chop salad, a lot of people don’t agree with me on that one, but I like it. The price point isn’t that bad, and it’s not a prefix menu. I love the old Hollywood feel in Hollywood Studios.

What is something you have to do every time you go to Disney?

Usually go to Disney Springs and walk into the World of Disney. On top of that, I have to get those Cheeseburger Egg Rolls in Adventureland– as long as that cart is open! They’re so good! I will say it can be hit or miss, I have had one or two that are a little greasy like they’ve sat in the fryer too long, but majority of the time they are fantastic. They added that sauce now, and it is great.

What is something you haven't done, but would like to do?

Two things- I have never been to Chef Mickey’s. It’s almost embarrassing at this point cause Chef Mickey’s is iconic, everyone goes to eat there. Never eaten there. It needs to happen. I also really want to do a VIP tour.

Do you have any Disney collections?

Oh, I have a ton. Ears, of course. My kids have started collecting, so I have started collecting, pins. They used to do the pressed pennies as well, so we have a ton of those. Me myself, it’s just a lot of ears. My favorite pairs, one would definitely be the Passholder ears. I love the colors, I just think its a really cool pair of ears. I also just got the Loungefly Disney Cruise Ears that came out in November. Those are an aqua-blue, they’re really cool. Also my Canada ears! I almost forgot my Canada ears.

What's something you love about your other Mousekemoms?

We all play different rolls in everything we work on together. Juliana is the one who can make light of any situation. No matter what’s going on, she can center it and remind people, and get it going in the direction it needs to go in. Not only is she a calming voice, but she also is the one who will make something go from a great time to an even better time. Jen, we would be lost without her. Jen is kind of the “taker-carer” of everything. She makes sure things are what they need to be and when they need to be. She reminds us, and keeps us on task. 

What do you love about your job?

I love that my job can be fun. It is lighthearted. Planning people’s trips is an amazing opportunity to make sure they have an awesome vacation. Giving your knowledge to them so they can have a better trip is just amazing and I love doing it. The podcast itself is just fun. I get to sit there and talk to two friends that all we do is talk about Disney. Its kind of hard to find those people at times. I have other, non-Disney friends, I know -shocking. They don’t want to hear about this stuff. They’re over it, so its an awesome job to get to talk about something you love and to do what you love. I’ve done all sorts of hospitality jobs, and this is something that I do believe in the product. 

What do you think a Disney newbie should do on their trip?

One of the coolest things- especially for a newbie- when you take trip you’re very overwhelmed. You’re not taking in as much as you can- as much as we go we don’t either. I usually order some food and go sit on the hub grass, o matter the time. We get ice cream from the Plaza. We get half an hour on the hub grass. It keeps you from just running from ride to ride to ride. You’re actually taking in Magic Kingdom, and everything else. Every time we’ve done it, we come away with a new memory. In terms of the kids, running around playing tag, or a new photo, its great to just sit and admire and appreciate what’s going on around you. It’s better than running yourself exhausted and falling in your bed and getting that “Disney tired”, this really makes you stop. 

Anything you'd like to add?

At the World Showcase in Epcot, you should go right to Canada first. That is all.

Join us next time for interview with Mousekemom, Jen. 

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