How to Budget for Dining at Walt Disney World

Hello Mousekefriends! Disney trips are fun- and can be expensive. How do you figure out what you expect to pay for food? Dining on a budget can help keep you from going wildly overboard on your trip. So how can you do that? 

Dining on a Budget at Walt Disney World

As travel experts, we hear “how much should I put aside?” The answer- it depends! 

How do you dine? Are you big breakfast people? Do you snack throughout the day? What kind of dining experiences do you want? Do you want a table-service experience every day? Do you prefer quick service? Do you like buffets or family style? 

Breakfast is often a less expensive table service meal. Some people just grab a pop-tart at the resort to save the money. Some would rather have a large breakfast and graze the rest of the day. 

We can easily break up types of dining into three main categories.

  • Snacks
  • Quick Service
  • Table Service (Character Dining, Signature Dining, and regular Table-Service)


Sping Rolls from China in EPCOT

Snacks are a great way to fill up without breaking the bank. Disney snacks, oftentimes are totally shareable- and if you don’t want to share, it’s totally lunch-able!

For example, cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s Tavern are huge, and can feed several people for breakfast- including Mousekemom Juliana’s family of four! If you’re just wanting some shareable snacks- we recommend $10 a day per person for snacks.

EPCOT is a whole other ballgame. At EPCOT, grazing and snacking all day is an easy way to try a ton of delicious food without needing to even stop at a quick service or table service option. Eating around the world may set you back a little, but if you’re sharing, a day of just snacking in EPCOT will set you back between $60 and $80 per person. Each snack is about $10, so that’s still a whole lot of food! 

Quick Service

Burger and Fries from the Regal Eagle in EPCOT

Quick service is a great choice for a quick meal that you can eat and be on your way! Most quick-service meals are fairly comparable in price, but certain options will definitely give you more bang for your buck. Most quick-service places rely on mobile-orders, so you can see all the options and add on sides to your order to keep your cost down and the tummies full.

Quick service spots that we LOVE for shareable portions are:

  • Regal Eagle at EPCOT. Delicious BBQ with an enormous serving size. It can easily feed a crowd.
  • Satu’li Canteen in Pandora at Animal Kingdom. It’s such a unique bowl that you can truly customize
  • Primo Piatto at the Riviera resort. The burgers are thick and delicious- get them with the truffle fries. 
  • Capt. Cook’s at the Polynesian resort has Thai Coconut Meatballs and rice that are delicious. The serving size is so huge, that it is easily shareable. 

Quick service entrees will run you about $15 per adult, and $9 per child.

Table Service Dining

Steak at Coral Reef in EPCOT

In general, a table service restaurant (not character-dining or signature dining) with a entrée, drink and an appetizer or dessert  will be about $40 per adult, $15 per kid. 

If you are looking for a character dining experience, you should expect to spend a little more- especially for princess dining.  as well. Not only are you paying for the food, but for the character interactions. Tusker House is very underrated and delicious. When you’re looking at your budget, you have to decide if this is important to you. If you want to interact with characters without feeling rushed, this is a must-do. You’re guaranteed to see the characters offered each time, and they take their time visiting you. 

Walt Disney World also has some amazing signature dining options on property. You can expect to spend $350 for a family of four, however some can really get up there. These dining options are great for special celebrations. You can enjoy a really nice restaurant without feeling guilty for bringing your kids and still enjoying amazing food.

Drinking at Disney

We would be remiss if we neglected to tell you to expect to pay about $16 per cocktail while you’re at Walt Disney World.  Keep that in mind as you budget! 


If some of the signature dining is a little out of your budget- who’s telling you that you can’t enjoy an appetizer and dessert at the restaurant- or at the lounge. Its definitely helpful when you’re dining on a budget.

Also, BYOB- water bottle that is. There is no bigger budget buster than having to buy water in the park when you can refill own bottle all day long for free! 

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