Mousekemom’s Disneyland Trip Recap

Welcome, Mousekefriends! Today, we’ll just be talking about the fabulous Disneyland Trip our Mousekemoms recently embarked on- who said your trip can’t be business AND pleasure?

Day One

Of course, they were able to make it to the last day of the Food and Wine festival! It was much smaller than the sister version in EPCOT, but they were able to try a lot! Disneyland offers a Sip and Savor Pass that allows guests to try eight different food or non-alcoholic drinks for the cost of the pass- of course it is certain items that qualify. The lines were long, but moved relatively quickly. We did notice that the food didn’t necessarily stand out compared to international cuisine that’s available in Florida (this festival focuses on California cuisine)

One big difference: They didn’t eat off of trash cans! If you’re familiar with EPCOT, this is different! 

Soarin’ over California was definitely visited- it’s less relatable for non-Californians, but still cool.

Trader Sam’s was the last stop of the night. It’s smaller than the counterpart at the Polynesian resort in Florida. The drinks and menu were the same as Trader Sam’s at Walt Disney World, which we didn’t mind.

Day Two

First stop was Goofy’s Kitchen. This restaurant is similar to Chef Mickey’s, as it’s buffet style, and you get to see the characters. Super cute, and we like it better than Chef Mickey’s as it’s much quieter and relaxed. Goofy’s Kitchen has plenty of options to offer food-wise, which is great too, and the characters spent plenty of time at each table, which is fantastic! 

For dinner, we went to Carthay Circle, which is comparable to Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios. The restaurant is two stories, and the building is original to Disneyland park. It has a cool history, and just gave it a great vibe. The food was okay, but the experience is what made it good!

Lamplight Lounge is another fabulous place to stop, which had no open reservations, but were able to get a walk-up reservation for the Boardwalk! It’s reminiscent of the Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom, but it’s just a different experience. This is a must-stop for us! 

Of course, besides food, a lot of attractions were enjoyed- especially Splash Mountain (by Lori at least).

The Main Street Tour was another great thing we were  able to do. It was definitely one the greatest parts of the trip- which ended in a cookie on the balcony overlooking mainstreet!

Day Three

To wrap it up, was World of  Color One. During the dessert party, you get a great seat, and they keep bringing you plates while you sit back and relax! 

One of the highlights of the entire trip was Josh D’Amaro walking into Club 33! He was great and chatted with us, although the Mousekemoms were totally starstruck! Next time, we’ll be prepared! 

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