Planning for Disneyland

Welcome back, Mousekefriends! This week, our Mousekemoms are having a great adventure in Disneyland, so we figured what better time to talk about how they planned their trip!  

Mousekemoms are flying into John Wayne, and the recommend it- LAX is further away and more inconvenient! So Let’s get into it!

Staying at Disneyland

Mousekemoms are staying at the Disneyland Hotel, which is the original Disneyland resort. It’s nostalgic, with a great pool! 

Disneyland Resorts are highly recommended, for convenience, and for the great perks, like extended park hours! 


Playing in the Parks

California Adventure

There are two parks at Disneyland California. Those are Disneyland, and California Adventure. for those familiar with Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland is much like Magic Kingdom, and California Adventure is similar to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT.

The Mousekemoms will be starting their adventure in California Adventure, to catch the end of the Food and Wine Festival, of course! What’s cool about the Food and Wine festival in California, is that it’s focused on Californian cuisine and wine with local ingredients- unlike EPCOT’s version, which is fittingly a world showcase of Food and Wine. This is great because it’s slightly less overwhelming, as EPCOT’s is huge and focuses on so many different foods. 

One of the things that they’ll definitely be doing is riding Soarin’, be cause they bring back Soarin’ over California for Food and Wine. This is different than the current usual version at both parks, which is Soarin’  around the world. This is definitely something to note if you’re nostalgic for the smell of Orange Groves from this great version.

The rest of the strategy is to get LightningLane for Web slingers, check out Avenger’s Campus, and go to Car’s Land. 


Disneyland is the OG, with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at the end of Main Street USA.

Of course, they’re starting off the trip with Genie+, to make the day run smoothly.  The strategy is to ride Splash Mountain (of course), Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Mr.Toad’s Wild Ride, Toon Town and to get a Churro and Beignets. This is a great park for hanging out and soaking in the nostalgia. 

Walt’s Main Street Tour

Photo of Walt’s Apartment, Courtesy of the Walt Disney Archives

Mosuekemoms will also being enjoying this 90 minute tour at Disneyland, detailing Main Street USA with behind-the-scenes looks and trivia! This tour finishes with a tour of Walt’s apartment, and refreshments on the apartment patio. 

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