Solo Trip to Walt Disney World

Welcome back, Mousekefriends! Today, we’re going solo. No- not Han Solo. We’re talking about alone time in the parks. Join us as we give you the best tips for your own solo trip to Walt Disney World.

Everyone should do a solo trip at some point in their life. They’re liberating and mazing, and the parks are your oyster!  You don’t have to check with your travel partners for what they want to do and you get to make all the decisions yourself!  So real below for why you should plan yourself a solo trip to Walt Disney World!

You Don't Have to Consider Anyone Else

This is reason enough to take a solo trip. You don’t have to consider anyone else’s schedule, timing, bucket list or preferences. It’s all about you, baby! If you can choose when you’d like to go, you can choose to prioritize if you’d like to go during off season, during a certain Epcot festival, or during a specific even time, like for a party.

Staying in a Hotel By Yourself

Tower Room at Coronado Springs Resort

You get the entire bed to yourself, what could be better? If you’re uneasy about staying in a resort room by yourself, we recommend looking at resorts that have indoor enclosed entries to your room. This would include most deluxe resorts, like the Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge, Beach Club, Yacht Club, Grand Floridian, Animal Kingdom, and more! If deluxe isn’t your style, Gran Destino Tower at Coronado is a great moderate option.

Dining Solo

Meat Spread at Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Some people don’t love the idea of dining alone- but there are so many benefits. You get to choose the kind of food you want and where you’d like to go. It’s a great idea to snag a reservation with a beautiful view or some entertainment so you can fully enjoy the solo-dining experience. Ideas for this include Hoop-Dee-Do Review, Raglan Road, and anywhere you can see the fireworks, like California Grill, and O’hana. If sitting at a table alone isnt appealing to you, you can always snag a seat at the bar to enjoy your meal. Another great option is finding a dining solution in a more social setting. Teppanedo in the Japan pavilion in a Teppanyaki-style restaurant where you’ll be at a hibachi table, eating with others. This is your chance to try the thing you’ve been wanting to, and you don’t have to hear anyone complain!

Magical Extras

Take advantage of only having to pay for a party of one! Use this as an excuse to book that Firework Dessert Party, the Wild Africa Trek, or got to the Spa for the day! All these great things are great do do, especially when you don’t have to worry about paying for a family of four.

Make Your Own Schedule in The Parks

The only schedule you have to consider is your own. You don’t have to feel guilty about rope dropping, sleeping in, staying up late or going to bed early. You can stop and smell the roses, or you can get it all done at once. You can utilize single-rider lines, and really just enjoy the ride. Of you’re going alone, it’s a great idea to upgrade to a park-hopper ticket. It gives you the personal flexibility to be able to go from park to park, and thoroughly enjoy your own time.

Today’s Mouseketip

Don’t skip- add the Memory Maker! It’s your change to stop at all the photo pass stops and get all your magic shots. Selfies get old, so you can enjoy lots of great pictures of yourself!

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