The Top 5 Dessert Spots for a Date Night in Walt Disney World

Welcome back, Mouskefriends!  We made it out of January! Spring is on its way (according to the groundhog), but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Did you forget?  We’ve got you covered.  Bring your sweetie for some sweets at these Top 5 date night spots for dessert at Disney World!  Romance is on the menu, and your Shmoopsie poo will be melting faster than the ice cream.

To start, we are heading to a place technically not ON the Top 5 list but not too far off.  We are grabbing a Valentine’s Special Mouske-cocktail at Swirls on the Water in Disney Springs – the Rose Regale DOLE Whip Float. If you aren’t in love on the way to Swirls, you will be on the way home.  Sparkling Rose, strawberry DOLE Whip and a chocolate covered strawberry.  Too sweet? Never. The acidity balances.  This is an excellent pairing. Hurry because this is only here until February 28th!

Love in a cup. You may now kiss the bride.

Now that we’re loosened up for our date, let’s get to our number 5 spot on the list.

5. The Ganachery in Disney Springs

You probably thought diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Nope. It’s artisanal chocolate.  These bad boys are as beautiful as they are delicious. Here you will find handcrafted smores and lollipops, Olaf shaped chocolate bombs, and ganache squares in 16 different flavors like Egyptian Sea Salt and Italian Hazelnut. And…in case you want to hedge your bets with the diamonds, they make chocolate pinatas filled with “treats.”  Just sayin.  Something needs to go inside the pinata.  Take a video and tag us when you pop the question.  While this shop of chocolate genius is small, Disney Springs just outside is wide, and there are wonderful spots to walk while you taste your treats.  Take a stroll and listen to some music by the Boathouse or watch the night lights glint off the water or better yet, in your Googly Bear’s eyes.

Decadent squares of ganache in a variety of flavors.
Pure bliss in a little cube. They’re harmless when they’re small. Go on and get one of each.

Now that we’ve taken these babies to go (they even give out an ice pack in summer!), it’s time to move on to the next level of romance: Ice cream sundaes!

4. BoardWalk Ice Cream on Disney’s BoardWalk

Our date night dessert spot number 4 is all about location.  This recently redone, modern and whimsical ice cream shop serves sundaes and shakes TO GO, so once again we are walking off our dessert.  They highlight the classic flavors we can all pronounce.  We are not recommending a shared sundae here.  That’s the next date.  Slow down, Dash.

Photo cred: Disney Food Blog

This spot is perfect to grab a classic sundae (strawberry, caramel, hot fudge, marshmallow). Maybe throw in a brownie if your pants are loose, and then stroll the BoardWalk!  You can rent a surrey bike and pedal along the Boardwalk.  Or, check out one of the nightlife spots like Jelly Rolls, the dueling piano bar!  Romantic? meh. Fun? YES. Your dancing and singing just might get you another date. Do not tag us if doesn’t work out.

Simple, yet sophisticated hot fudge brownie sundae. You’re a trustworthy guy-next-door type if you order this. Photo Cred: Disney Food Blog

We are moving on and things are getting a little more serious because we’re throwing France in the mix. Get ready for L’Amore.

3. Les Halles Boulengerie-Patisserie

Our number 3 date night dessert spot in Disney is across the pond (the World Showcase Lagoon, I mean) in EPCOT’s France Pavilion.  You can smell their dessert all the way from Japan! The France pavilion has not one, not two, but THREE outstanding dessert date night options.  Stroll into the Boulengerie for an assortment of macarons, mousse, fruit tarts and eclairs.  This shop is a feast for the eyes as much as for your taste buds.  Around the corner, grab a chocolate-hazelnut or caramelized apple crepe at La Creperie. OR, go crazy at L’Artisan de Glaces and order a macaron ice cream sandwich or ice cream in a brioche! Minds will be blown. Hearts will explode.

The Boulangerie might be too beautiful on second thought. You don’t want to lose your date behind the counter.

Let’s head to dessert date spot number 2 on our list, which is at the Magic Kingdom!

2. The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

We have graduated to a more comfortable stage of the relationship here.  This is a casual afternoon date spot to grab an ice cream sundae and relax on the hub grass (the grassy area between Main Street and Cinderella’s Castle).  Hub grass does not sound romantic but stick with us here. This quaint, turn-of-the-century style parlor features Edy’s classic ice cream flavors and waffle bowl sundaes.  Order a couple of these AFTER the parade and give your feet a rest picnic-style on the manicured lawn. This is the perfect area to people watch and enjoy the castle views.  There are lots of tables outside the parlor as well, but we feel a picnic on the grass levels up your date experience.  Just make sure you time it right!  Parade and fireworks times are too busy for this to even approach romantic.

This vintage parlor is first-rate Disney nostalgia. Transition to a picnic and sparks will fly!

1. Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club

We’ve made it to the number 1 dessert date night spot at Disney World!  This kitschy, retro soda fountain shop is the perfect place to SHARE a sundae or a shake.  Yay!  Why?  Because it’s a sit-down shop with tables inside and out, and that is the perfect opportunity to pull your chairs close and sip cheek to cheek.

Sweetness overload – the shake AND the couple!

The flavors here are more daring and creative than the other ice cream shops we’ve mentioned, and there’s even a selection of hard floats and shakes!  Baileys over coffee ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream sounds like perfection to us. Whatever you do, avoid getting the “Kitchen Sink” on a date night.  It serves four and you will need to nap straight away.  Not romantic.

We hope you have enjoyed this rundown of the TOP dessert spots in Disney World for a date.  Let us know how it works out!  Leave a comment and tell us which date spot you would choose and what you would order!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Mousekefriends!

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