Ultimate Day in Animal Kingdom

The Ultimate Animal Kingdom Day

Welcome back to the last chapter of this month’s spotlight, on Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We’ve talked about the food, the animals, and now we’ll talk about the ultimate Animal Kingdom day. We are going to be looking into what we think is the perfect way to experience the magic that Disney’s Animal Kingdom has to offer in a day. 

But First... Our Mousekecocktail

Tempting Tigress


Now lets dive right in to…

The Ultimate Day in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Savannah Room Animal Kingdom Lodge
The Savannah View from Animal Kingdom Lodge

Of course, for the ultimate experience, we advise you stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. In the Savannah rooms, you can peer out your window to overlook the savannah and enjoy breathtaking view of the animals, especially close to dusk and dawn. You’ll be completely immersed in all the magic that Animal Kingdom has to offer from room theming, to dining, to the spectacular animal views-of course!

Staying on Disney property in a Deluxe Resort, means that you can start your day in the parks earlier with Early Park Access for resort guests. Trust me, you’ll want to utilize it. Check your My Disney Experience App for up-to-date park hours. 

In The Park

Pandora Avatar Animal Kingdom

Avatar: Flight of Passage

Once you’ve made it in, you’ll want to head over to Pandora. Here, you’ll want to ride Avatar: Flight of Passage (if you’re 44″ or taller of course). You get to walk through the amazing queue. If you are an Avatar fan, you’ll want to get your picture with the amazing sets they have, including an Avatar animatronic. This  model is suspended in an impressive tube, making you feel like one of the scientists from the movie. This ride takes you soaring through Pandora, while riding on your very own Banshee. The sights and smells will make you forget your time on earth- and you’ll probably want to ride again.

Grab Some Grilled Street Corn

Next, we’ll head over to have our first snack- the grilled street corn at Harambe Fruit Market. The corn cob is dipped in butter and topped with African spices, much like an African curry, adding a mild spice to this tasty snack. Of course, if that’s not your style, you can definitely order it without. 

While you snack, head to the queue for the…

Kilimanjaro Safari

This ride takes you on an open-air vehicle through the African savanna. The vehicle is driven by your own expert guide, who will take you through Harambe’s Wildlife Reserve, spanning 110 acres. We love going in the morning, as the animals have just been fed. This means we ALWAYS see loads of animal activity, as they have just been fed!

Next, we HAVE to swing by…

The Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

We love the trails, as they’re great for a slow pace, as they are self led. You get to come face-to-face with these magnificent creatures as you make your way through the Pagani forest. Often times, there are Cast Members who love to share information about our primate pals.

After this be sure to see some live entertainment now that it’s back. We recommend…

Festival of the Lion King

Sit back, enjoy some AC, and watch this amazing live show. This show is an adventure filled with stilt-walkers, acrobats and other performers, in a great show. You’ll hear some familiar Lion King songs in a great show the whole family will enjoy. 

From there, we’re feeling a bit peckish, so lets head to…


Flame Tree BBQ

Eight Spoons Cafe Mac and Cheese
Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese- Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

This tasty quick-service restaurant has a ton of great options, including salads, ribs, chicken and pork. Our favorite is definitely the pulled pork mac and cheese.  This creamy, baked mac is topped with smoky pork, green onion and best of all, onion rings.

Now that you’re feeling full, check in to…

Up Close with Rhinos

For $45, your guide will take you to meet these massive creatures- second largest land mammals in the world. This 60 minute excursion walks you through the rhino’s biology, behavior, and insights into the species. This experience adds a special element to your trip- who else can say they’ve touched a rhino, much less a Disney rhino!


Now that you’ve gotten to learn all about these magnificent giants, get ready to see a different kind of giant. Lets visit the Yeti at…

Expedition Everest

Since the ride has recently reopened after an almost four month refurbishment, we’ll definitely hop in line to ride. For those of us 44″ or taller, we get to journey up Everest, and see the famed Yeti, who’s protecting the mountain. Even though the animatronic no longer moves (and hasn’t since shortly after its opening in 2006) its still a thrilling adventure we can’t pass up!


Now that you have fabulous, wind-blown hair, get ready for your…

Capture Your Moment Photo Session

Capture Your Moment
Credit: Walt Disney World

For $79, you can reserve a 20 minute private session (by clicking here) with a PhotoPass photographer. They will take you to the most picturesque places in the park and capture professional looking photos of your ultimate day. You’ll get breathtaking shots that will last a lifetime. 

Now that you’ve captured memories, (and if you have young kids like me, fought with them to behave for pictures) lets eat at…


If you’ve ever listened to our podcast, you know that the Nomad lounge, next to Tiffins is hands down, our FAVORITE. But tonight, we’ll enjoy the signature dining in the main restaurant. Enjoy the calm ambience and the artwork on the walls as you enjoy your food. The menu is inspired by Asian, South African and South American dishes. They have everything from chicken to short ribs to tofu. If you haven’t had enough mac and cheese yet today, get the lobster mac and cheese. Made with cheddar and sherry, and of course, lobster, you feel decadent just eating it. Of course, you’ll want to splurge and get dessert. From their Passion Fruit Tapioca to their Chocolate Gateaux, there is something for everyone. 


But before you head back to Animal Kingdom Lodge for the night, you’ll want to see…

Pandora After Dark

Disney's Pandora
Credit: Walt Disney World

Just like in the movie, Pandora, the world of Avatar, comes alive with glowing lights. The bioluminescent plants show vibrant colors to compliment the calming blue glow of Pandora. Even the background sounds change, to truly sell the illusion that there are night-time creatures roaming in the dark of this magical, alien world. You can get lost in the beauty- you really just have to see it for yourself.

What do you think of our ultimate day at Animal Kingdom? Did we hit your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

Can’t get enough? Listen to our Mousekemoms Podcast, about the Ultimate Day in Animal Kingdom here.

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