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Welcome back, Mousekefriends! We love the Disney parks, from Disney World in Florida, to Disneyland California. However, we don’t always love how the people around us can do all the annoying things that people do. Today, in the spirit of making the parks more magical, we are giving you our tips and tricks for theme park etiquette. 

Be Respectful of Castmembers

Cast Member Stitch

While not all Castmembers tend to make your experience at Disney world absolutely magical, it’s probably because a lot of people treat Castmembers poorly all day long. Nothing can ruin your day (and a Castmember’s day) like hearing a Castmember be berated by an entitled family. Remember to be kind to the Castmembers! 

Don’t Ruin Other’s Days With Your Clothing

Theme Park Etiquette Censored Clothing

Just like Castmembers, those around you deserve your kindness as well. 
This includes, but is not limited to, the way you present yourself in the parks. You will see some really special outfits, but fthat’s the fun of people watching. We’re talking about the offensive, obscene clothing, with curse words, or just wearing as little clothing as possible. You may be familiar with the TikTok trend where people would wear as skimpy of clothing as possible to get free clothing, but let us make this clear: Disney no longer will give you free clothing for your inappropriate outfits. You will be turned away, or you will have to buy your own clothing. Theme Park Etiquette requires a certain level of kindness, especially in the way of having appropriate clothing. 

Respect the Lines

Guardians of The Galaxy Cosmic Rewind Preview

Although you are supposed to fill all available space, this does not mean you have to be right on top of the people In front of you. Honestly, who wants to be pressed up against a bunch of sweaty strangers? But theme park etiquette also dictates that you pay attention as the line moves. no one likes having to prompt you to move forward if you’re too busy playing on your phone as the line leaves you behind. 

Another part of proper theme park etiquette is holding a place in line. Don’t send one person to wait in line while the rest of your party has a good time elsewhere. Things happen, if you have to take your kid to the bathroom mid-line, that’s one thing. It should be one parent with the kiddo, though. The kid is your secret pass to negate dirty looks from others in line. A good rule of thumb is if the line is easily accessible, and outside, you can join in to the line with your party. If you have to make the huge trek through the line to the front with a large group of people, you should not be getting in that line until your entire party is ready. 

Keep an Eye on Your Kid

We understand that on a Disney World trip, kids tend to have meltdowns or be whiny after a long day in the sun. That’s fine- we’ve all been there and we know it happens. We’re talking about when children are infringing on other people’s personal space or are breaking the rules, just people not having a care in the world about what their kids are doing. Theme Park Etiquette dictates that you be sure to mind your kids and ensure they’re not infringing on other people’s experiences. 

Mind Your Mouth

Some things are best left unsaid. Keep the totally inappropriate language and topics at home if you can. There’s no need to loudly talk about your gross medical problem loud enough to traumatize those around you, and there’s not need to let an f bomb loose in front of a family with small children. Try your best to be respectful to those around you! 

Mind Your Scooters and Strollers

Scooters at Disney

If you need to bring a stroller, that’s totally fine! We understand that a lot of kids can’t be on their feet all day long. However, scooters should NOT be used as human battering rams. If you are using a stroller as a means to kill other people’s ankles to get where you want to go, you should leave it at the resort.

What can be even worse, is the scooters. If you don’t know how to drive one, you shouldn’t be! That’s the main problem with the scooters in the park. Scooters can be dangerous, especially in the hands of an ignorant driver. And if you DO use a scooter and make a mistake, don’t blame others, and apologize! 

Table Etiquette

In quick service restaurants, seating can definitely become an issue. Especially when a large group who isn’t eating, or who has another 20 minutes to wait for their order, is hogging several tables, while others are balancing their trays and drinks, looking for an empty table that doesn’t exist. Try to sit at an appropriately sized table for your party, and try not to linger after you’ve eaten when its busy and a lot of people are trying to sit and eat. 

Today’s Mouseketip

You cannot control others (unfortunately). You CAN control your own actions, and reactions. Roll with the punches, and ultimately let it go and have fun. 

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