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Top 10 Items to Pack in your Theme Park Bag

The Mousekemoms have created the Top 10 items to pack in your theme park bag for you and your family’s day at the parks!

The MousekeMoms are like Girl Scouts- we are always prepared! That’s why we’re going to tell you all the things you need to remember to pack in your bag for the theme parks so that you are ready for anything!

Now keep in mind that this list could change a bit depending on if it is a girls trip, full family trip, trip with littles, trip with teenagers, but this will help make sure you have the essentials.

In not particular order:

10. Tickets or Magicbands

Lanyard Universal

This is a no brainer, but we have to start here. Whether you are going to Disney Parks or Universal you need to make sure that you have those tickets. You also need to make sure that you have them for the correct dates. (Booking with a Kingdom and Cruise Travel Agent of course is your best bet)

We also highly recommend that you use Magicbands for Disney Parks and have a Lanyard for Universal Parks.

9. Mickey Ears or Accesories

If you are like us, you are so excited to go to the parks and equally excited to plan your outfit for the parks. You have to make sure you have the correct accessories, ears, or shirts to look the part too!  Check out our t-shirt shop to help with your shirt choice!

8. Water and Snacks

Fun Fact: did you know that you can bring in water and snacks to Disney and Universal parks?  We are big fans of either bring in bottles of water or bringing in a water container to fill at the parks. There are lots of stations now to fill your water around the parks to help save the earth!

Also you can bring snacks in to the park. Our favorite snacks are apple sauce pouched for little ones, trail mix, granola, and power bars.

7. Glow Sticks

If you have been to the parks you have seen the $30 glow wands that Disney sells. We are split on this one, but we can all agree that we all like to save money. 

Try purchasing glow sticks from Amazon and bringing them with you. Hand them to the kids, and hopefully you will get out of purchasing the expensive Disney one!

6. Portable Charger

With Genie +, mobile ordering, and digital maps we are on our phones constantly when in the parks, and this can drain our batteries quickly. 

Disney has a great system with Fuel Rod – we use and exchange them a lot. But if you want a charger that will last 2 full charges we recommend this charger for your trip. 

You don’t want to be stuck looking for an outlet!

5. ID's Adults and ID Tags for Kids

This is one that we always forget. Universal and Disney in particular are  making it easier and easier to pay for things. This means we don’t really need to be bringing our wallets to the parks, but we need our ID’s. Whether you want to consume an alcoholic beverage or have a discount you need to have your ID on you.

This is one of our favorite items. Nothing is more important to the Mousekemoms than keeping those kiddos safe. The parks are busy and it is very easy for a little one to walk away in the crowds. We recommend these ID tags for the kids. Gives all the information anyone would need to call their parents and get them back where they need to be. 

4. Sunscreen

No matter when you go to the parks, you are outside all day long, and in the sun.

You are going to want to protect yours and your families skin with sunscreen. Make sure to purchase before so you don’t have to pay the crazy park prices.

3. Rain Ponchos

rain ponchos disney

The Mousekemoms are completely torn on this, but we understand for some rain ponchos are a must. 

If you wait to purchase them at the park they will cost you an arm and a leg. Throw these in your bag and hopefully it will keep the rain away!

2. Fan

misting fan

If you are heading to a Florida state for your theme park, a lot of the time it is hot! This compact fan  is a perfect item to have in your bag to give you a quick cool down in the line or just walking around the parks. 

Remember to pack your batteries for this fan though!

1. Hand Sanitizer

We don’t want to bring anything with 2020, but we all want to make sure that we are healthy.

There are tons of germs in the park and you will want your own hand sanitizer in your bag to make sure everyone in your party stays healthy!

We hope our top 10 list helps with your park day! Do you have must haves that you like to bring with you? Comment below!

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