Top 5 Must-Do’s at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii

Welcome back Mousekefriends! Our pals Juliana and Jen just spent some glorious time visiting Disney Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa in Hawaii. Grab your flower leis and a pineapple umbrella drink and let’s dive in!  Lets look at our 5 must do’s at Disney’s Aulani Resort- in no particular order.

5. Spend Plenty of Time in the Water

This seems like a no-brainer since you’re going to an island, but it’s definitely something that you’re gonna have to make a lot of time for on this vacation. Aulani is on the island of Oahu and there’s there’s plenty of water. Of course,  there is the beach. This is some of the calmest water on the island, which is great for paddle-boarding, snorkeling and swimming. In fact, it’s kind of a man-made bay, making the water much easier to handle for the average vacationer. There is also a marina that you can walk to and fish, rent a boat, and do other excursions. There are also some amazing hidden beaches on the island in general.

There are also several pools located throughout the property as well as a lazy river. There is a main pool as well as several other pools sprinkled throughout the resort. There is no shortage of great water recreation!

Mousekemom Tip

The lounge chairs do fill up quickly during the busy season, so many  families send one person early to stake out chairs and sit with them until the party arrives. Juliana says, “Moms, this is for you!” Get your cup of coffee, a book, and enjoy the serenity of Oahu by yourself while the rest of the group scrambles around, getting ready.

4. Enjoy the Food

'Ama'Ama- Credit: DisneyAulani

When you’re at Aulani, you can dine on property, or venture out on the island for food. At the resort, ‘Ama’Ama is kind of their signature restaurant. (‘Ama’Ama is closed for refurbishments until Fall 2022. To check its status, click here.) The table-service options do have reservations that can fill up quickly- but on Jen’s last trip, she was able to get reservations once she was on the island. 

Off the resort, they have some great options as well. They have some amazing shrimp at the food trucks on the North Shore of Oahu. 

3. Enjoy Cultural Experiences

Hawaii is rich with culture- and that’s part of what makes your trip! The native Hawaiians are also incredible! They make a lot of the excursions unforgettable. The native Hawaiians are also incredible! They make a lot of the excursions unforgettable. The native Hawaiians are also incredible! They make a lot of the excursions unforgettable. from snorkeling to surfing and hiking, there are plenty of amazing ways to see even more of the island!  also have plenty of Luau shows, like Giovanni’s and Chief’s. You get an incredible show when you eat. Aulani also does a Luau, but its not Disney-fied, so for the price point, stick elsewhere. But you definitely have to do a Luau.

2. Take Advantage of the Excursions

Hanauma Bay
Pearl Harbor

There are plenty of excursion to take part in when you get to Oahu. From snorkeling to surfing and hiking, there are plenty of amazing ways to see even more of the island! On the North Shore, they have some incredible sights and waves to enjoy. 

Another excursion to make your way to see, is Pearl Harbor. As an American, you’re almost obligated to, but is worth it. 

Another excursion that is reservation-only is Hanauma Bay. It’s a state park that you can snorkel at. There’s nature specialists on hand to answer questions, and ensure the safety of the animals. Definitely worth the reservation.

1. Take Advantage of Resort Activities

The resort is a great place to soak up the fun! You can download the Aulani App for a daily schedule! On the schedule, you can find all the activities that will be hosted. This ranges from meet and greets with Moana and the classic five, to nightly movies on the lawn and stargazing. You can also try your luck at ukulele with some awesome lessons offered. You can also make your own Minnie ears! Pick out your supplies, and you can do it yourself, bring it home and make them there, or pay for them to put it together for you!
Aulani’s name is Aulani Resort and Spa, so of course enjoy the spa! It is resort and spa! Enjoy any of the amazing services they offer and get pampered!

Disney Resort Hawaii

Mousekemom Tip

Rent a car! A jeep or convertible if you want to have a good time 😉

But keep the amount of luggage you have in mind when you’re choosing your vehicle if you’re coming straight from the airport! 

They have a rental place at Aulani as well! No paying for parking, and just use it the days you need it!


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