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Top 5 Reasons to See Europe on the Disney Cruise Line

Welcome back, Mousekefriends! There’s a lot of reasons to go on a Disney Cruise, but join us as we talks about the top five reasons to see Europe on the Disney Cruise Line! (As if you needed a list)

5. The Amazing Itineraries

There are so many options, ranging in location and length, that there is an adventure for everyone! From 3-night trips from England to 11-night trips from Rome, and everything in between. European itineraries run from May-September each year on the ship, the Dream. With these itineraries, you can pair them with short escapes through Adventures by Disney! They have them in the same places as all their European ports, to make an unforgettable vacation! 

4. It’s Easier to Budget

Hear us out- when you plan a conventional trip, there’s a ton of moving parts that factor in to making a budget. flights, hotels, tours, food, transportation- it can be really difficult to figure out. The great thing about your cruise is that your hotel comes with you! You unpack once, and you get to travel to different destinations without the hassle, and of course you get more food than you care to eat. It definitely simplifies making your budget.

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3. Enjoy the Comforts of a Disney Ship

Especially with kids, this is an amazing feeling. It can be really intimidating to be traveling through Europe with children. The comfort and familiarity of the ship is great, because they can enjoy their pb&j and chocolate milk on the ship, and then you can enjoy your feta and fish in the Mediterranean without having to worry! Plus, with larger families, you can all enjoy one stateroom with plenty of space, whereas many European hotels are smaller and fit less people. There’s something to be said about being able to decompress in your familiar room in the comfort of your ship. In addition to that- it’s great to be able to let your kiddos go to the kids club while you relax (take a nap). 

2. Disney Cruise Line Curates a Great Selection of Port Adventures

If you want to book a tour, and just google “Colosseum Tours” for your trip to Rome, you’ll get thousands of results. From those results, you have to weed through to find a reputable tour that fits your needs- good luck. With Disney, they have done the research and make it easy for you. They tell you exactly what to expect, and give you the flexibility by not paying until you board the ship. Another bonus, is that the ship won’t leave you if something happens with your excursion! You just don’t have to worry about all those moving parts, and get a stress-free adventure. 

1. Time is Money

In a lot of European itineraries, you don’t have many sea days, you’re in a new port every day! If you were just traveling, you may have to have a whole day planned on a train or a plane, and will lose precious days on boarding, uncomfortable travel. On the cruise, you’ll be enjoying a nice rest in your own bed as you travel! You get to make the most of your time and money as you travel. 

Our Mouseketip:

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