Top 5 Reasons to Visit Walt Disney World This Summer

Welcome, Mousekefriends! Summer is here, and it’s never too late to plan your vacation for this summer! Let’s dive in and discuss our top 5 reasons to visit Walt Disney World this summer!

5. School’s Out!

School’s out- so it’s a great time to go! You don’t have to worry about your kids missing school. Plus, with it being a larger chunk off of school, everyone’s vacations will happen at different times, unlike other holidays, like winter break, where everyone gets the same two weeks off, drawing large crowds. Plus, it’s easier to coordinate with friends and family who want to travel together!

4. There’s Lower Crowds

When you’re booking in the summer, there are off times you can visit Walt Disney World. Times like the first weeks of June or in August, right before school starts, tends to be less busy. When booking, there are lots of summer promos, which we see booked right around the 4th of July. There’s lots of availability throughout the summer to use these promos, with less people around! The main week we recommend avoiding is the weeks surrounding the 4th of July for sure, but most of summer, even into September is a great time to go! 

Ultimate Day in Animal Kingdom

3. The Park Hours are Extended

During the summer, you’re able to get in the parks longer! With summer, comes park hours that can extend until 10pm or 11pm! With extra magic hours that you may get from staying on property, it’s a great way to make the most of your days! With longer hours, there are more scheduled activities, parades, and shows to enjoy. The best part, is that with such long operating hours, it stretches crowds out throughout the day! It’s also easy to split up your day, whether you’re an early riser or night owl, you have more time to utilize! 

Bonus Mouseketip

August is the beginning of Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party. It may feel odd to be enjoying Halloween in summer, but there are less crowds and the tickets rarely sell out! 

2. The Weather

This sounds totally crazy, since it’s SO hot- but the weather is something we can use to our advantage! It is Florida, and it rains almost every afternoon. It doesn’t cool things down necessarily, but when it rains- people leave. Bring your poncho and enjoy the short lines, the lack of crowds, and you may even get to experience something cool like having Fantasyland practically to yourself, or walk onto to your favorite ride that usually has a 90 minute wait!

1. Take a Break to enjoy the pools!

At your resort, you can go enjoy the awesome themed pools to take a break. At the deluxe resorts, they have amazing slides and splash pads! 

If you want more water action- you can add a water park option to your tickets- so you can enjoy the cool parks when you need some downtime. Pack your bathing suit in your bag, and take a break when you get too hot. 

Splash Pad At The Caribbean Beach Resort


It is NOT TOO LATE to book your summer vacation! There is a lot of availability throughout many Disney destinations, like Aulani, Disney Cruise Line, and the Parks! 

Ready to book your own summer vacation?

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