Top 5 Tips For The Ultimate Disneyland Day

Top 5 Tips for the Ultimate Disneyland Day

Welcome Mousekefriends! Join us this week as we travel to California! Dive in with our top 5 tips, to plan the ultimate Disneyland day!

1. Stay at a Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel Pool Credit: Disneyland
Paradise Pier- Credit: Disneyland

When you visit, Disneyland is very compact. Disneyland resorts are king, for proximity, for theming and for convenience. In addition, you also get access to the theme parks 30 minutes early, and resorts such as the Grand Californian, has a private security and entrance to California Adventure Park. They also have private security to Disney Springs. Disneyland Hotel is the classic resort that Walt and his wife had a hand in designing, so the nostalgia factor is amazing there. Paradise Pier is about to go through renovations for Pixar themeing, which should be incredible! Don’t miss staying at one of these fabulous resorts! 

2. Get Parkhopper and Genie+

Disney Genie +

Unlike Disney World, Genie+ has been wildly successful at Disneyland. They have a great variety of attractions available between the two parks. It’s essentially the same as their previous system, MaxPass. It’s the same price, it’s just more technologically savvy. 

With vacationers who are first-timers to Disneyland, but Disney World Veterans, they tend to think they can do a park per day, and don’t need to bounce between parks. They usually tend to regret it. The parks are so close to one another, and you’ve already cleared security, so all you have in your way is a scan of the ticket!

3. Visit on Weekdays

Disneyland Castle
Credit: Disneyland

Disneyland is a huge pull for locals on weekends. When you go during the week, you’ll face much lower crowds. If you follow our first tip, to stay at one of the Disneyland Resorts, you can enter 30 minutes early too. These two things combined can save you money and time, as you don’t need to purchase Lightning Lanes because you’re beating a majority of people in the park. 

4. Keep Checking the App for Dining Reservations

Lamplight Lounge- Credit: Disneyland

Even if you think reservations are gone, things come up fairly often. Especially during the weekdays, there’s an opportunity to get a great seat, like a spot at Lamplight Lounge during World of Color, so you can watch from your seat! This is a great difference between Disneyland, versus the difficulty of trying to snag a spot at a good dining spot at Disney World.

5. Stop and Watch the Shows

World of Color- Credit: Disneyland

You will not be able to see all the shows in one night- so make sure you prioritize your shows! From World of Color in California Adventure, to Fireworks and Fantsasmic in Disneyland, you have tons of options! Even during the day, you can see Marvel Heroes in action, Mickey Dancing to Newsies, and tons of character interactions. Don’t pass up these amazing options. 

Mousekemom's Mouseketip

Be FLEXIBLE! If you’re having a good time, stay. Have a great time with your family, and let your day flow! Don’t stress, just go with the flow and enjoy! 

Thanks for Joining us for our
Top 5 Tips for the Ultimate Disneyland Day!

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