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Why Use a Professional Vacation Planner

If you are planning a Mediterranean cruise, an all-inclusive beach retreat, family fun at Walt Disney World, or any other much-needed vacation, we MousekeMoms highly recommend using a professional vacation planner. With the world of travel constantly changing, you need the help of a travel planner now more than ever. Whether you are a newbie traveler or a verteran globetrotter, everyone can benefit from an expert in their corner. Here’s why you should always use a professional vacation planner.

You deserve outstanding customer service from an expert. A friendly, available, and knowledgeable agent takes the stress out of travel planning. Having one contact person off of whom to bounce ideas and to give you realistic feedback changes the game. Your vacation represents a significant financial and emotional investment. You want someone who listens to you, works for you, and provides planning suited to you. And if a problem arises, you want a  professional travel planner to advocate for you.

Enjoy customized planning.  Our job is to listen to your hopes for your vacation and make recommendations and plans that make your vacation wishes come true. No two vacationers are alike, and so there are no cookie cutter vacations.  Let a professional travel planner explain your options and narrow down the most appropriate choices for you. We get to know you and tailor your vacation to suit you and your family.

Your time is valuable. Scanning for promotions and communicating with vacation destinations is time consuming. You could be stuck spending hours of your precious time on the phone or scouring the internet. When you use a professional travel planner, we do this work for you. We have all the information you need at our fingertips. And when consumer phone lines get crammed with callers, we have an inside track to get through on your behalf. 

Professional travel planners maximize your budget. Very few travellers have enough disposable income to ignore budget constraints on vacation, but paying attention to every nickel and dime is exhausting and stressful. A professional travel planner takes this burden off of your shoulders. We look at your specific vacation wishes and figure out the best way to fit them into your budger. We will do the math to figure out if a dining plan is worth it for you, for example. We know what kind of attraction or excursion tickets make the most sense for you. We even have insider knowledge of the best deals at your destination, and continuously scan for newly released promotions that can be applied even to an existing booking. 

Travel is constantly changing, especially today. In normal times, a travel planner remembers all the details for you: final payment dates, documentation requirements booking windows, change or cancellation policies. Nowadays, we stay abreast of a constantly changing landscape of rules and policies, as well as closures and changing offerings. Using a professional travel planner provides important peace of mind in a dynamic travel setting. 

Even if you are a seasoned traveler, using a professional travel planner is always a good idea. Still skeptical? See what others have to say. We provide personalized attention and planning, save you time and money, and keep you updated. Most importantly, we do all of this at absolutely no cost to you. That’s right. We are totally free. It’s a no brainer.


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