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Alaskan Cruise 101

These MousekeMoms love to cruise and we thought we would chat about Alaskan Cruises 101 today as the very own Lori just got back from one!

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Alaskan Cruise
Alaskan Cruise
Alaskan Cruise


First, Lori just got back from her family Alaskan Cruise and is so excited to share with you everything that she experienced. Lori will be discussing everything from the popular ports, and clothes her family needed.

Full disclosure, Lori did not take a Disney Cruise her family went on a Royal Caribbean. However, the itinerary is identical to other cruise lines, so we are going to talk about general cruises in Alaska. 

Our best advice is to pick an Alaskan Cruise that fits your adventure needs. While many are identical in itinerates others do go to more ports or other tourist locations.

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Departing Ports
Most larger cruise lines are going to leave from Seattle or Vancouver. Some do leave from Alaska itself but we don’t recommend those as they are hard to get there and back. Lori left from Vancouver vs departing from Seattle. It truly just depends on the price best for you. 

Ports we visited:

    • Sitka
    • Junea
    • Ketichikan

* Friendly advice – Price the difference between booking your activates via your Cruise line and Independently. That is, if you are comfortable enough exploring on your own. Additionally, timing is extremely key. *

We did a taxi for 2 hours and they took the family to spots we wanted to go.

There is a Totem Pole National Park that is walking distance within the city (south). A lot of people went fishing, canoeing, kayaking and whale watching since it is on the water. 

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Junea is the spot for helicopter tours and glaciers! It is the biggest port to take a helicopter ride to the glaciers. You can also book a tour where you walk on a glacier, kayak, and even a salmon bake. 

Friendly suggestion – book the helicopter tour off the cruise line (it’ll more than likely be cheaper!). 

Another popular activity is the dog sledding. 

Alaskan Cruise

Ketichikan is an old fishing town more on the Southern end and closest port to Vancouver. It is all on the water and has many restaurants, wooden bridges and gift shops. There are hiking trails very close to the port. It is more of a nature stop. 

We did the Lumberjack show and LOVED it. It is roughly 1 hour long. You are assigned a side and you cheer for that side. Lori and her family was assigned the American side, however, you are able to move sides if you’d like. 

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Weather and Packing
It was cold even though you are on the Caribbean. The best advice is to pack layers and water proof attire. We mainly packed wearable blankets, a winter coat (to be extra safe) and hoodies. The Alaskan Cruise was laid back compared to other cruises.

While you are on the cruise they did not have hosted outdoor activities. However, they did do rock climbing and mini golf outdoors when it was nice out. They do offer trivia night and movies.

We highly suggest bringing your favorite games from home!

Alaskan Cruise
Alaskan Cruise
Alaskan Cruise
Alaskan Cruise


Yes we are doing it – we are going to sell ourselves. Alaskan Cruises are different and have a lot of planning involved. Leave it to an expert like us at Kingdom and Cruise Travel! You can request a FREE quote here
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Well, Mousekefriends, there you have it: Alaskan Cruise 101. Have you been on an Alaskan Cruise? Did you love it or are you planning one? Tell us all about it. 

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