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Welcome back, Mousekefriends! Today we’ll be talking about something TOTALLY new- but still Disney related, of course! We’ll be talking about National Graphic Expeditions. Did you know that Disney is a majority owner of National Geographic? When Disney acquired 21st Century Fox in 2019, they also acquired National Geographic! So that’s what we’ll be diving into today! 

A Little Background

National Geographic Expeditions were founded on the same beliefs as National Geographic Society, which is 130 years old. National Geographic expeditions was founded in 1999, and operated hundreds of trips each year. These trips spanning 7 continents and 80 destinations! This is similar to Adventures by Disney, but you’ll go a little deeper, go to more remote places, and generally get a National Geographic photographer going along on your trip.

Expedition Cruises

National Geographic expedition cruise

National Geographic has its own cruise ships that sails to destinations such as Iceland, Japan, Antarctica, Australia, Greece, South Africa, Galapagos Islands, and more! These ships are a  bit smaller than classic cruise ships, but they are a premium option, meaning that these ships are incredibly nice. 

Family Journeys

These adventures are generally for kids ages 7 and above. Some locations for these expeditions include: Costa Rica, Iceland, Morocco, Europe, Japan, Africa, Paris, Alaska and Yellowstone park. These trips are all land-based. Family Journeys start at 7 days, and can go up to 11 days. These are the only National Geographic options that include kids. 

G Adventures


Journeys is a part of National Geographic’s G Adventures. These trips are a little more economical- you won’t be in 5 star digs, but this means the price point is a lot easier to swallow. Most trips are made up of about 16 people, which makes it still very intimate (which we love). You get a local tour guide, more free time to explore, and of course food and accommodations are included. The big thing for this one is there is no extra fee for solo travels! They will pair you up with a roommate of the same gender, unless you pay an extra fee for your own space. This is a great option for solo travelers! Journeys trips go to locations including Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Alaska, Cape Town, Australia, and all sorts of other amazing places! To give an idea for price (at the time of this article) 8 days in Portugal is only $2000. 

Private Jets

On the opposite side of the spending spectrum, we have Private Jets. These excursions are much longer, running about 22 to 24 days. They have 7 different available trips, many of them taking you around the world. This incredible expedition will set you back $99,000 for a 21 day trip… per person. 

Signature Land Trips

These are not dissimilar to Journeys, but they are run through National Geographic, not G Adventures. These trips have groups of about 25. These trips are considered premium, so they will have the best of the best for accommodations, amenities, and everything. There are 41 different destinations, which are all over the world.

Train Trips

These train trips are mostly international, like India, Swiss Mountains, and Norway. These are premium service-level expeditions, with luxe options. They are a private, luxury train, that you get to travel to and from your fabulous destinations in! 

River Cruise

The National Geographic River cruises are operated by Ama Waterways, which is a forerunner in world-class ships, service and destinations. These river cruises have 3 options, which include Danube, Rhine, and a Holland and Belgium cruise. They also do Christmas river cruises, which would be amazing! One thing to note, is that all of your tours and expeditions are included. You get your option for the next day, generally the night before, and get to choose what you want to do! 

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