Always Sunny with Lori

Always Sunny With Lori

If you have listened to our Podcast and you have gotten to know your Mousekemoms, you will know that it is Always Sunny with me when it comes to Disney. So with my other Mousekemoms, a new series was created… Always Sunny with Lori.

Let’s be real for a second, the world kind of sucks right now. There is not a lot that I am sunny about, except, Disney!  To me, Walt Disney created a place for families to go enjoy and create memories. Yes, it is a giant now that makes a lot of money, but the core of its existence is for fun lasting family memories, therefore in my eyes Disney can do no wrong.

For my first article of Always Sunny with Lori:

Christmas Celebrations that are Cancelled at Walt Disney World for 2020.

Yes, 2020 sucks, yes it feels like everything has been cancelled, yes we just want it to end, but there has to be sun somewhere right?  As with everything, we move on and do the best we can this year.

So here is the list of Christmas Celebrations that were cancelled at Walt Disney World for 2020:

  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
  • Candlelight Processional
  • Cinderella Castle Dream Lights
  • Gingerbread Displays 
  •  Santa at Disney Springs

Here comes the sun on how these cancellations really aren’t that bad!

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
Walt Disney World Christmas

This one was not a shock, they cancelled Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, so it only made sense. They need time to clean the parks, and not attract the crowds.  So they had no choice with cancelling the parties.

The Sunny Side – During Party days, if you did not have a ticket to the party you needed to leave Magic Kingdom by 6pm. Now Magic Kingdom is open to 8pm or 10pm depending on the night.  Lots of people didn’t want to spend the extra money on the party tickets, but feel they are missing out. This year you get to see some of the parade through the cavalcades, and not pay extra!

Candlelight Processional

Every year EPCOT at the American Pavilion brings in Celebrities to read the story of Christmas with a huge orchestra and choir. It is an amazing show for children and adults. You do need to get the tickets ahead of time but they are free. I am not going to lie, this one hurt, it was expected but it hurt. I feel like for this one we might need for Dear Bob series, as I feel like they could have spaced everyone out safely. 

The Sunny Side – Although it is cancelled this year, it will make us appreciate it even more next year! Also, maybe they will use this time to update and make better next years Candlelight Processional! (I know this one was weak, but it is Always Sunny with Lori remember?)

Cinderella’s Castle Dream Lights
Cinderella Castle Christmas
Christmas Cinderellas Castle

Right around the Holiday season Cinderella’s Castle transformers into this beautiful ice castle. I loved the ice lights on the castle, they would have a frozen show in front and Elsa would turn everything into a winter wonderland! This year it is different. They opted for rotating Christmas overlays projected on the castle.

The Sunny Side – I will be honest, I was hating this idea when I heard it and considered starting a petition, but those Bobs knew what they were doing! The holiday projections on the castle are amazing,  and absolutely crystal clear. The castle has beautiful, festive overlays which make the castle the centerpiece to Magic Kingdom. To me, this was an easy sunny side. I think this change is fantastic!

Gingerbread Displays
Disney Ginger bread House

Every year the Walt Disney World Resorts put on a wonderful display of Gingerbread displays and themes. Some resorts are better than other (Beach and Yacht Club, Wilderness, and Grand Floridian), but they smell amazing! The creative uses of this holiday treat have people traveling resort to resort just to look at them. The biggest one being at Grand Floridian where inside there is an amazing life size house that sells treats for you to bring home. 

The Sunny Side – I love Gingerbread, but I get this, you can’t create crowds right now in front of something. So how am I going to spin this you ask? Well, I felt in the past the gingerbread displays have overshadowed the Trees in the lobby, this year the trees shine! Take a look at the trees, and instead of waiting 45 mins in the line at Grand Floridian to get treats, save your time and waistline. Spend time walking the parks and all of their wonderful Christmas decorations!

Santa at Disney Springs

While, no surprise here as sitting on Santa’s lap isn’t happening this year. We have to keep the Jolly Man safe and healthy this year so he can deliver his presents on time. Disney Springs usually has a highly sought after visit with Santa there. As with this year that is a thing of the past. They also had elaborately decorated Disney Christmas trees throughout, but that has been shrunk a little bit. 

The Sunny Side – Although your kiddos can’t officially meet Santa, they can see him and Mrs Claus sailing down on a decorated pontoon boat safely waving to everyone. Instead of waiting in a huge line to have your kiddos cry or be scared, have them wave as they float by! The Christmas Trees are still there, just a little less, so you can still enjoy walking around and looking at the various trees. Also new this year, look out for the Holiday Scavenger Hunt that will send you on a quest, make sure to pay attention to those trees!

As you can see things have changed this year for the Holiday season at Walt Disney World, as they changed around the world, but the magic is still there. Disney has revamped and reimaged to keep the Christmas celebrations there, but safely for all their visitors! Check out all they have to offer at Disney!

Stay Tuned for the next blog of Always Sunny with Lori!

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