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Dear Bob(s), THANK YOU for Listening!

Disney's Boardwalk Inn

Dear Bob(s),

It is no secret this MousekeMom’s disdain toward the Keister Coaster clown over at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn.  I have actually avoided that resort for 18 years because, really, is there anything creepier than a clown?!?! And I am not the only one who’s coulrophobia is triggered by the creepy slide at this resort pool! So this morning, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for listening to the MousekeMoms and countless other guests who are grateful to hear that the clown’s days are numbered. 

That’s right! We are hearing reports out of Disney that the creepy slide over at Luna Park Pool in Disney’s Boardwalk Inn will have a complete refresh when it reopens. Photos of the clown head being disassembled and removed had circulated the internet in October amid lots of rumor and speculation. This is the first time we are hearing official word about it’s fate. According to the Walt Disney company, the pool, complete with re-themed waterslide, is expected to reopen before the end of 2020. In a statement: “We look forward to Mickey and his pals clowning around at Luna Park Pool. Guests will enjoy the same great ride down the Keister Coaster slide with a brand-new look.”  Makes this MousekeMom wonder: is a Mickey and pals theme in the works? Only the Bobs know! And that’s just fine with me! I haven’t been this excited about a resort refurb in a very long time! So excited, that I will be booking our stay here for April!! So, again, thank you for listening, Dear Bobs! I’m here if you’d like to discuss the other improvements and enhancements I’d love to see in the Disney theme parks!

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