Always Sunny with Lori

Always Sunny with Lori – Staying Onsite During Covid

Welcome back  to my series of Always Sunny with Lori! Still in my series within a series I am going to go through different aspects of a Walt Disney World vacation and how these COVID times have changed them.

This week Staying Onsite During Covid.

Staying in a Hotel has changed due to COVID19, here are a few things that have changed:

  • Online Check-in Strongly encouraged
  • Adjusted Housekeeping Services 
  • Pool areas
  • Food Options

Now as usual, here comes the sun!

Online Check-in
WDW Checkin

As with a lot of other Resorts and Hotels, the less face to face interactions the safer it is for guests and employees.  Disney’s Online check-in system is in My Disney Experience App and will text you when your room is ready. Front Desk staff is there to assist if needed. Along with a lot of things in Walt Disney World a smart phone is needed, but cast members will assist if the guest doesn’t have access to the app.

 Sunny Side… 

Who really loved waiting in the long check-in lines at the Front Desk? No one! You are able to check-in a few days ahead of time, put any requests in and than when your room is ready you will receive a text message. So when you arrive at the Resort you can go swimming, hit the parks, or go get a snack! If you have magicbands you can head straight to your room too!  If you need or have any questions the Front Desk cast members are a phone call away in your room too!

Housekeeping Services

Walt Disney World is trying to keep everything safe for their cast members and guests with Covid. This includes limiting contact. Now Housekeeping in your room is offered every other day and it is a light service. The light service includes: removal of trash and used towels, new towels and replenishing amenities, whipping services, and vacuuming if needed. 

Sunny Side … 

Let’s be honest here, no one cleans their houses every single day. I have heard more compliments of housekeeping knocking on doors when they aren’t wanted, than it wasn’t vacuumed everyday. You can be an adult and make your bed, or don’t, your on vacation! They will still make sure you have everything you will need, but doing it in a safe manor for everyone! It should also be noted that you can decline housekeeping to if you feel safer that way!  This is a small change, that on the sunny side shows how much they care for the safety of everyone!

Pool Areas
covid pool rules
Beach Club pool

Swimming and masks don’t add up right now. With pools open Walt Disney World had to implement some safety measures to keep everyone safe. All guests must wear their masks outside or walking around the resort.  Guests must wear masks entering the pool deck, walking around, ordering food, restrooms ect. They may remove their masks when sitting in a lounge chair or swimming.  Lounge chairs and outdoor furniture have been grouped in 4 chairs and social distancing from other chairs. 

Sunny Side.. 

First, this all make sense to keep everyone safe! One big plus, the social distanced lounge chairs. Remember when they tried to cram as many lounge chairs as possible on the sun deck? You would pick out chairs to go relax on to find yourself sandwiched between two groups (always for me loud groups). Since they are distanced apart and you have less people at the resorts your family can enjoy relaxing in the sun together in a my intimate setting. Another huge plus? Less people! No need to run down at 8am and reserve chairs, plenty of room for everyone!

Food Options
online ordering

Walt Disney World reopened and opened a lot of their restaurants, but with everything else they had to watch costs, and not all restaurants are open. In Value and Moderate Resorts there are Quick Service options available, and in the Deluxe levels there are Quick service and at least 1 Table Service available. Not all are available though so make sure you check ahead of time.  All restaurants are socially distanced, and mobile ordering is encouraged.

Sunny Side… 

Although not all the Restaurants are open, they make sure that you have plenty to choose from. Quick Service restaurants encourage you to mobile order, once you are alerted on your phone your food is ready.  Another huge ray of light are that some restaurants are offering to go orders at the resorts. In the past if you wanted bread service from Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge you would have to dine there, now you can mobile order and grab it to go!  Perfect for those nights your two year old is melting down!

Everyone has been stuck in the houses for months, and at this point almost a year! Stay at onsite where the magic is still there, you don’t have to cook, clean dishes, or clean up after everyone!  

Contact our Agents at Kingdom and Cruise Travel to help plan your Magical Vacation to Walt Disney World and let them handle the ins and outs of staying onsite during this Covid changing world!

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