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Coffee Confessions

Today the MousekeMoms had a special treat! We got to join Alicia and Jen on their weekly morning Facebook Live show, Coffee Confessions on The Mommy Dash page. If you don’t already follow these ladies, run, don’t walk over there and start. Our new besties share the same snarkiness, the same honest take on parenting, and the same love of the cocktail as we do. It was pure chemistry.

The Mommy Dash

The Mommy Dash is an organically grown nook on Facebook that celebrates and supports moms. Scroll through their page and you’ll see how relatable they are! You’ll love their honesty about the good, the bad and the ugly of parenting, running a household, working and navigating through life. It’s always nice to find other moms who genuinely get it. The Mommy Dash is a place where you can commiserate with other moms. You can find support and resources to make life a little easier. And you can just gather with like minded people. We’ve had fun getting to know them through their page and, now, through our fun time together this morning on their show. 

The Mommy Dash on Facebook

Today was extra special as we got to talk about our favorite topic: Disney. Our Coffee Confessions: these moms collectively agree that there is NOTHING like a kid-free girls trip to Disney! Alicia and Jen have gone sans kids TWICE! And the MousekeMoms have also gone together, kids free, twice. And BREAKING NEWS: We just booked our MousekeMoms visit for October 1, 2021 to be in the Magic Kingdom for their 50th Anniversary celebration. 

So sit back, pour yourself a cup of joe (or a glass of chardonnay) check out our fun conversation from this morning. 

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