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Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue Update Part II

Dear Bob(s),

Today, the Walt Disney World Parks announced yet another virtual queue update for the extremely popular Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Can I just say: bravo!! I couldn’t be more thrilled! Let’s recap.

Virtual Queue Update

About a month ago, we reported that guests no longer had to stress about arriving early to the theme park to wait on long lines for security and usher their entire travel party through the park turnstiles before trying their luck for the coveted boarding pass to this ride. Now, guests need only have a park reservation for entrance that day, and they would be able to try their luck for the boarding pass from ANY location promptly at 7am. This news was great! What’s more, guests STILL had a second opportunity to try for the virtual queue at 2pm if they were not lucky enough to score one of these passes right at 7am.

But then, Bobs, you surprised us with the announcement that park hopping would be returning and we (especially Juliana) had feelings…. Especially pertinent to this attraction, we were concerned that, with hopping not being available until 2pm, would this draw disproportionate afternoon crowds to Hollywood Studios of people who were unable to get a 7am boarding pass?

Bobs you totally eased my concerns today! Today’s announcement was part II of the virtual queue update: a change to distribution times for virtual queue enrollment. Beginning December 20, guests may still try to get into the virtual queue at 7am from wherever they are located, as long as they have a valid park ticket and theme park reservation to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And now, instead of having a second opportunity to obtain a boarding pass at 2pm, guests will be able to try their luck from INSIDE Disney’s Hollywood Studios at 1pm. This means that, although you will be competing with other guests within the park who did not make it on the 7am queue, you will not be competing with guests who will be hopping to Hollywood Studios after 2pm beginning January 1. YAY!!!!

Check out our tips and tricks for getting one of these golden ticket boarding passes! What do you think of this change? Let us (and Bob(s) know in the comments).

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