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Dinner Review: Teppan Edo

If you are looking for an out of the ordinary dining experience in Epcot, look no further than Teppan Edo in the Japan Pavilion.  This restaurant serves hibachi style entrees and is a fun mix of yummy food and exciting entertainment.  Let’s dive into my dinner review of Teppan Edo.

The Ambiance & Decor

Hibachi restaurant EPCOT

Teppan Edo is located on the second floor of the Mibaatsuriza in Japan (You know the spot, Pick a Pearl). It is adjacent to the other restaurant in this pavilion, Tokyo Dining.  The décor is lovely and the tables have built in grills for you to enjoy the show put on by the Hibachi Chef.  It is family style seating. In other words, you get to make new Disney friends while you dine (if your party size does not fill the entire table).  During Covid, they have installed plexiglass dividers to separate parties from each other.

The Menu

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Hibachi, of course, is on the menu, and it is delicious.  The menu boasts, your choice of NY Cut Steak, Julienne Steak, Salmon, Ebi (shrimp), Tori (chicken breast), Hotate (Scallops) or Yasai (seasonal vegetables) served with the most delicious Sunomono Salad, Udon noodles, vegetables and steamed white rice.  Of course, you can add your favorite sushi, or, to drink, sake or specialty cocktail.  They have children’s entrees, but do not look for your typical children’s meal.  NO chicken nuggets, hotdogs, or macaroni and cheese here.  If you have a very picky eater with you, don’t worry. It is still Disney, after all, and more “kid friendly” options can be requested.

The "Wow" Factor

This is not just an ordinary restaurant where you place your order and get your dinner.  This is an adventure of fire, onion volcanos, dancing spatulas, and comedy.  We had a wonderful chef at our last dinner, and he kept us entertained and laughing as he prepared our dinner. Prices range from $30.00 and up for an adult entrée.  

The Verdict

In my opinion, this meal is a fantastic value.  The food is very tasty, the atmosphere is fun, and they give you a very generous serving of food. The next time you are looking for a different type of dining experience look no further than Teppan Edo in Japan. If you have eaten at Teppan Edo in the past, let me know in the comments what you ate and how you enjoyed the experience.  What Disney restaurant do you want to learn more about? Comment below. We love to research food. Check out my other restaurant reviews on the Mousekemoms Blog.

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