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MousekeMoms Chat with Ashley Craft

The Mousekemoms sat down and chatted with Ashley Craft Author of The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook. To say we are huge fans is an understatement.  There is nothing that we love more than chatting about Disney and Food!


Of course we had to ask what Ashley’s  favorite drink at Disney was and she gave us a great recipe from AbracadaBar at Disney’s Boardwalk.

Hoodunit Punch Recipe
About Ashley Craft
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As a child who grew up in Anaheim, California, Ashley Craft could recite the Star Tours ride by heart, navigate the Park without a map, and fell asleep to the sound of Disneyland fireworks each night in her bedroom. After two internships at Walt Disney World and many, many more visits to the Disney Parks, Ashley is now one of the leading experts of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Her popular blog,, is best known for featuring recipes inspired by Disney Park foods to help people recreate that Disney magic right in their own kitchens. Today, Ashley lives in Kansas with her husband, Danny, and three kids, Elliot, Hazel, and Clifford…but she still makes time to visit the Mouse.

The Food!
Gaston's Giant Cinnamon Rolls

This cookbook has all of your favorite recipes from the Disney Parks, and will bring Disney Magic to your very own Kitchen!

The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook has over 6,800 amazing reviews on Amazon, and is listed as The Wall Street Journal Bestseller, and a USA TODAY Bestseller.

What we loved about this cookbook is that all the recipes are not super complicated. All the ingredients and supplies needed can be found in your local grocery store and your kitchen. 

When we asked Ashley what recipes she made the most for her family one of her favorites is Gaston’s Tavern’s Cinnamon roll! This one will be made shortly in our kitchens as well.

We loved to hear about how Ashley contacted agents and publishers, and than during the pandemic with kids home from school published this amazon cookbook. To hear more about how she published this and became a “Mousekemomtrepreneur” take a listen to the podcast

Future Books

When we asked if Ashley was thinking of other cookbooks for Disney, because let’s be honest there is so much food and beverages to cover, we are happy to say that she is coming out with a Disney Drinks book October 5th this year! You can preorder the book here.

She also hopes to expand the Food books to other categories and we can not wait for those!


Of course it is to purchase Ashley’s book!

You can find the Unoffical Disney Parks Cookbook in so many stores, Target, Walmart, local bookstores or if you are like us… one click away on amazon!


If you would like to take a listen to the full interview with Ashley Craft take a listen to our podcast episode or watch on Youtube below.

Share your recipes from Ashley’s book with us in the comments below or on our facebook page. Also take a look at Pinterest! 

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