Disney Cruise Line: All About Kids Clubs

Welcome back, Mousekefriends! Today we’ll be talking all about the kids clubs aboard the Disney Cruise Line! Disney Cruise Line is hands down, the best cruise line for kids (and of course, adults!). So what are the Kids Clubs?

There are four different kids clubs, and they do not disappoint. 

At the beginning of the cruise, they will give your child a Magicband for the duration of the cruise. This will help them get in and out of the cub each day. During registration, you will set up who is allowed to pick them up, and will set up a word so you will have to be on the list and know the word to be able to take the child out of the kids clubs. For older kids, you can give them the option to sign themselves in and out. 

The clubs are open daily, including days at sea. They also have kids clubs available at Disney’s Castaway Cay, so your children can enjoy the island, under supervision. 

It's a Small World Nursery

This nursery is for children 6months-3 years. It is the only kids club that does charge a fee- a small fee- currently sitting at $9 and hour. You do need reservations for your child, so making them in advance is a MUST for popular times, such as evenings or for days at sea.

The nursery is themed to its name, It’s a Small World. They have plenty of age appropriate toys. They also have an area for naps, where cribs are lined up in a dim area. The Cast Members are absolutely MAGICAL! They will help from diapers to naps to bottles. 

They do provide snack and meals, and have other great things like characters coming in throughout the day.

One of the greatest things is the Disney Navigator App. The nursery can contact you by sending you a message through the app, whether your child is needing you, something happens, or just to keep you informed through your child’s stay.

The Oceaneer Club and Lab

For kids from 3 (if they are fully potty trained)- 12 years, they have the Oceaneer Club. This is probably the most used kids club. They do not separate the kids based on age, but they do have lots of age appropriate activities for the kiddos.

There are two separate parts of the Oceaneer, being the Lab and the Club. The Lab has crafts, art projects, games, and activities. The Club has group activities, character meets, animation classes, pirates nights, and all sorts of things. 

You can use the Navigator App to see some of the activities offered, so your children can see what is available for the day. You do not have to make a reservation for your kids to go to this, but you do have to register them. This is part of your check in process, and they will automatically give you access to these forms. They just get basic information such as allergies, things that the counselors may need to know about your child, those kinds of things. 

The Edge & Vibe

The Edge is for kids ages 11-14 and Vibe for ages 14-17. These areas are very similar, although they are totally separate spaces. Your kids can come and go from the clubs. There is usually a spot for your teens to enjoy smoothies, play games, and hang out. The Dream and the Wish also have outdoor spaces in Vibe.

These kids clubs are no exception- the Disney Navigator App will also show you the different activities happening in the clubs throughout the day. 

The Wish's Kids Clubs

This ship has some awesome different features. They have a slide from the atrium into the kids club, which is clear, so your kid can check in up top and they’ll slide right in to letting you have your own freedom! 

The Wish also has a Marvel kids club area, where they can use their magic band to create a superhero, costume and all. 

They also have a Hero Zone, which is kind of like a kids gym, with basketball hoops, an inflatable obstacle course, and even family race events, pitting family against family.

This ship has the largest kids area, and it’s all done so nicely- so this ship is a MUST SAIL for families wanting their kids to have a BLAST! 


On Embarkation day (the first day) all of these clubs have an Open House, where anyone, regardless of age can explore (even if you don’t have kids). It’s a great opportunity to check out some of these awesome clubs, even if you don’t have kids. This is especially important on the Wish, as it’s the only day you can go down the slide from the atrium to the kids clubs.

This is also great, because you can make your kids more comfortable before they go on their own, so they can be excited and prepared. 

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