Top Tips for Your First Disney Cruise

Hello, Mousekefriends! Because of recent promotions with Disney Cruise Line, we have seen a lot of people booking cruises. Especially people going on their first ever cruise! Join us today for our top tips for your first sailing on the Disney Cruise Line!

Book Early

It may sound lame- but it’s true! The price is always lowest when dates are first released, and there are more stateroom choices early on. There are four main stateroom categories, Inside, Oceanview, Oceanview Verandah and Concierge level. Each of these have rooms in different locations, which may affect your choices. Each stateroom will also have a different price point, which may be important to you. 

Know What Travel Documents You Need

Some sailings may not require passports, but we recommend always bringing yours- you never know what’s going to happen. You’ll also want to be sure that your passport doesn’t expire within six months of your sailings. . Be sure you know what you’ll need to board, from birth certificates, to passports, to vaccine ca rds. Be sure you are also up-to-date on the current covid testing requirements.

Give Yourself an Extra Day

When you’re booking any flights, chose your dates carefully. You’ll want to fly in a day prior, in order to give yourself room for life to happen. No matter what time of year, or where you’re coming from, problems can arise. From weather, to pilot shortages, to flight delays, you don’t want to miss your first sailing over something as a flight delay!

Download the Disney Cruise Line App

This app will be the window into your cruise and your lifeline once aboard. This app will allow you to book extras before your cruise, and includes an adorable countdown for your cruise. The real magic begins after you board. though. You’ll be able to text others in your party through the app while on the ship’s wifi. The app will also be your itinerary on the cruise. You’ll be able to highlight what you’re interested in and get push notifications for events so you can make it where you need to go to enjoy everything you want. 

Pay Attention To Important Dates

Activity Booking, Final Payment and Check-In Dates are all days you want to mark in your calendar. These will probably all be on different dates, but are all individually important. You will need to pay in full before you book any activities, but those dates may not align. If you want to book some things that fill up quickly, such as Cabanas, or snag reservations at Palo or Remy, you may have to pay in advance. Make sure you keep that in mind and prepare accordingly.

Set Up Character Calls

You can book complimentary character calls from some of your favorite Disney pals, These are super cute, and a great way to announce a first sailing to a loved one, or just to get everyone excited for the trip! You are able to choose your character and set up the time so you know exactly when you’ll get the call.

Join Your Sailing's Facebook Gtoup

It’s good for any Disney sailing, but especially your first one. Look up your sailing date and ship name and you should be able to find your group. This group is great to connect with people prior to sailing, and be full of veteran sailors who have tons of tips and tricks. You’ll also be exposed to extras like fish extenders, magnet exchanges, and duck hiding! 

Pack the Right Stuff for Your First Sailing

  • Sunscreen is a MUST for anyone sailing.
  • Bonine, Dramamine, and the like are good for first-timers who may not know if they’ll need them or not. Start taking Bonine a few days prior to get it in your system beforehand. 
  • A lanyard with a cardholder spot is a must have, since you will need your room key for all sorts of stuff, including payment. You’ll want it at all times, and a lanyard is a no-brainer for your cruise.
  • Bring a water bottle! There are several soft-drink fountains free to use throughout the ship, and having your own cup is a great way to take your drink to go, instead of using the small cups provided. Plus, it’s cheaper than buying one on the ship.
  • Bring some cash, it’s good to have from emergencies and for tips for room service, your servers, or for tips for excursions. There are no longer ATMs on the ship, so this is your reminder!
  • Pack anything you may need the first day as a carry-on! You may not have your luggage delivered until after dinner, so bring any swimsuits, things to freshen upo before dinner, anything like that with you! 
  • If you plan on bringing alcohol aboard, you can either bring two bottles of wine or six beers per adult. You must take it as a carry-on, and you’ll only be able to drink it in your stateroom, or they’ll charge you an uncorking fee. 

Once You're Onboard, Try to Book Anything You Missed

You can either go to guest services, or use the chat to ask if there’s availability for something you missed that you had your heart set on. They usually are able to get you in to things, or find possible alternatives for you.

Ensure You Do Online Check-In Early

At midnight, Eastern time, you are able to check in 30 days beforehand. be sure you do this asap, so you can get an early boarding time to enjoy the ship even longer! 

Disney Cruise Line Castaway Cay

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