Disneyland Nighttime Shows

Welcome back, Mousekefriends! Our favorites, the Mousekemoms, are getting ready to take a trip to Disneyland! To prepare, we’ll be looking at something that they are most excited for- the nighttime shows at Disneyland! 

There are currently three nighttime shows at Disneyland. Those are the updated World of Color-One, which is at California Adventure. Fantasmic and the fireworks show, Wondrous Journeys, which is based off the 100th anniversary, both located at Disneyland park.

World of Color-One

World of Color- One

This show is available at California Adventure park. It is currently shown twice a night, once at 9:00pm, and once at 10:15pm*. This show is located in front of Mickey’s fun Wheel.

World of Color-One is a unique water show, with a breathtaking blend of dancing water and incredible special effects. This show includes some of your favorite Pixar pals from movies such as Lion King, Ratatouille, Soul, and more! 

Enjoy watching the show at Lamplight Lounge as you sip your drinks and soak in the magic. You can also view this show via a dessert party! 



Located at Disneyland Park, this show is similar to its sister show at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. this show is available to view two times each night, once at 9:00pm, and again at 10:30pm*. Unlike its sister show, there is no amphitheater in Disneyland. You watch this show amid the park, near New Orleans Square. Just  Hollywood studios, you can book a dining package, and you will get to sit in a roped-off area. 

Fantasmic is a show that stars the mouse himself, Mickey! Mickey dreams he is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and conducts scenes from Fantasia, until his dream takes a dark turn, where he must use his imagination and the help of some classic Disney characters to defeat the villains. 

Wondrous Journeys

Wondrous Journeys disneyland

Wondrous Journey is located at Disneyland. This show is their main fireworks show at Disneyland Parks. This show is an epic adventure showcasing the 100 years of Walt Disney Animation Studios. You can view this show at Main Street USA, bat Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. This show utilizes projections on the castle, paired with pyrotechnics to create an awesome show! 

Today’s Mouseketip

Be prepared and book the dessert party! The dessert parties are the best way to celebrate if the shows are priorities to you. It gives you a special view with a great, tasty break from your long Disney Day.

*Times are subject to change based on season. Please double check with your Travel Agent or on the Disneyland Website to confirm times. 

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