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Disney Cruise Line Splurges…and are they worth it?

It’s no secret that the Mousekemoms enjoy the finer things, especially when Disney is involved. But another not-so-secret trait of theirs is that they’re always fiercely honest! We’re going to explore some of the biggest, most expensive things you can do or get on a Disney Cruise and see if they’re actually worth the splurge. Whether you’re a first-timer or a frequent sailor, this is your guide to maximizing both your budget AND your fun on your next magical sailing. Are  Disney Cruise Line Splurges worth it?


Is it Splurge - Worthy?

Though it would be hard to pass up the infamous Pop-Spritz the Mousekemoms fangirled over on their last Concierge cruise on the Disney Wish, let’s talk about the most expensive cocktail you can purchase on a Disney Cruise. We’re talking about the Kaiburr Crystal in the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge on Disney Wish – an appropriately named Star Wars order of drinks for $5000. You read that right – that’s American dollars, NOT galactic credits. Of all the Disney Cruise Line splurges, what makes this so special?

Kaiburr Crystal Hyperspace Lounge

Well, first of all, it’s served in a camtono, a cylindrical security container used by the likes of Cobb Vanth in The Mandalorian and the Pyke Syndicate in The Book of Boba Fett on Disney+. Only instead of credits or spice, you’ll find four unique drinks. You get one “Bark Speeder”, a mixed drink with Camus cognac, yuzu, kumquat, and Grand Marnier Quintessence. Then you also receive three shots – Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23-Year bourbon, Taylor’s Kingsman Edition Very Old Tawny Port, and Watenshi gin. A quick search will tell you that a bottle of each of those will run you about $5000. So we’re talking about some very top shelf liquors! Each drink is served in a souvenir silver-plated glass that you get to take home.

Not only that, but you get tons of extras like a photo with the officers who served you your drink, a special debarkation escort from Hyperspace Lounge castmembers, a Star Wars bag with a Star Wars water bottle, Hyperspace in-stateroom decorations, a bottle of sparkling wine from Skywalker Ranch, and vouchers for four people to visit Skywalker Ranch. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Skywalker Ranch is the home of Lucasfilm’s sound design facility in northern California. Usually you can only visit by invitation or if you’re part of the Skywalker Wine Club – so quite a unique experience!

Though they wouldn’t turn down the high quality drinks if offered, this $5000 cocktail is a “No Thank You” for the MousekeMoms. It might make sense for a specific Star Wars fan who also doesn’t mind spending top dollar on drinks, but when it’s more than the cost of the cruise, it’s hard to justify!

Castaway Cay Beach Cabanas

First up is a coveted reservation that’s quite tricky to get – the beach cabanas on Castaway Cay! That’s right, Disney’s own private island in the Bahamas has rentable cabanas for when you visit for the day. They have cabanas for families on the main portion of the island and adults-only cabanas over in the Serenity Bay area. It is nearly impossible to reserve one of these Disney Cruise Line splurges, typically only if you have access to booking port adventures very early by staying concierge level or having a Pearl/Platinum Castaway Club membership.

So what’s so great about this Disney Cruise Line splurge? Well, they are a nice comfy space with amenities galore. They include a patio with loungers, hammocks, chairs, and umbrellas. They also come with tubes, floats, bike rentals, and snorkeling gear – all of which is typically an extra cost at Castaway Cay. They have a changing area, a mini fridge with drinks & fresh fruit, and sunscreen. For maximum comfort, the cabanas come equipped with ceiling fans to really accentuate the island breeze, as well as a freshwater shower. To top it all off, you have your own section of the beach!

These cabanas start at $399 for the ones at Serenity Bay that can have up to 4 adults. The most expensive cabanas are the Family cabanas that go up to $1249 for up to 16 people. 

Overall, the Mousekemoms deem these Disney Cruise Line splurges “Worth the Money”. It’s a fantastic investment for families with kids that don’t want to worry about lugging all the things from the ship down to the beach. This would also be an ideal splurge for people who might not be the biggest “beach” fans with all the sand & heat, but still want to enjoy Castaway Cay during their cruise.

Castaway Cay Cabana Massage

Speaking of Castaway Cay, did you know you can get a massage on Castaway Cay in a cabana? This relaxing spa service is also available onboard in the Senses Spa, but this unique experience is one of the best Disney Cruise Line splurges. 

Now as for the opinions of the Mousekemoms, they are somewhat divided. Having done both an onboard massage and a Castaway Cabana massage, Juliana and Jen would take a cabana massage any day! No worrying about rough seas making you disoriented during or after your massage. Personally, I’ve done one onboard the Disney Wish during some rougher seas – definitely wound up quite woozy after standing, but luckily recovered quickly. Another perk is that these private cabanas give you an unbeatable atmosphere to get a massage in – you can feel the breeze, listen to the ocean, and smell the tropical smells in maximum relaxation. Onboard, these massages are typically in closed off rooms on the interior of the ship with no views.

Castaway Cay Massage

On the other hand, Lori wants a disclaimer added – these are great in the right conditions. In July when it is 95 degrees with no breeze and even the ocean is hot, this would not be the most comfortable situation. Between the heat, the massage oil, and the sweat, it might be better to opt for this splurge when Bahamian weather is more temperate. 

So overall, the Mousekemoms would agree that – given cooler weather – this Disney Cruise Line splurge is “Worth the Money”.

Senses Spa Rain Forest Room

Sticking with spa services, let’s talk Rainforest Room…what is it exactly? This relaxing retreat can be found aboard any Disney Cruise ship in the Senses Spa. More than just a room, this experience has different areas that allow you to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the ship. There are heated stone loungers, lounge couches, hot tubs, and specialty rooms. Each ship’s Rainforest Room varies slightly, the biggest of which is on the Disney Wish. It features a large inside area with a sauna room, steam room, and ice room, as well as a large outdoor space. The Disney Dream and Fantasy have similarly large indoor areas, but their outdoor spaces are much smaller. The Disney Magic and Wonder have only inside areas. 

Disney Cruise Line Rain Forest Room
Disney Cruise Line Rain Forest Room

This experience cannot be booked in advance and can only be booked onboard. Head straight to the Senses Spa and purchase your pass if you’d like to have access to this area. You can either purchase a pass for the entire length of your cruise or a day pass. The trick with day passes, especially on the Disney Wish, is to head to the spa on the day you want to use it. If they have not sold out of Rainforest Room length-of-cruise passes, you can purchase unlimited access for the entire day. The length-of-cruise pass can be quite expensive, most of all on the Disney Wish for around $250 for a 4-night cruise. The day passes can be anywhere from around $40 to $80 (again, on the Wish). Also, when budgeting for Disney Cruise Line splurges, don’t forget to factor in the 18% gratuity for the rain forest room since it’s technically a spa service.

Bibbidi Bibbidi Boutique

Just like in the Disney Parks, you can find the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on all five Disney ships. This boutique can allow any child to transform into a princess, knight, pirate, or captain! This experience is a great way to make your child feel extra special with a Fairy Godmother in training guiding them through the whole process – from outfit selection to hair & makeup style to the sprinkling of Pixie Dust and their grand reveal.

Disney Cruise Line Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
Disney Cruise Line Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

With packages starting at $80 for a Royal Knight experience and reaching all the way to the Princess Signature Package for $450, this is by no means cheap. This splurge will definitely depend on your child. Many children would take everything off the minute they stepped out of the salon, but others will be thrilled with every second of the experience.

To some, the preference might lean towards purchasing a princess dress off Amazon for a child to wear on the ship as opposed to doing Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique since it might feel like “paying $150 for a ponytail” ( in the words of Juliana). Even more so, during 3- and 4-night cruises when you only have so long to experience everything you want, it might not be the best use of time. But if your child would really enjoy this, it could be worth it! 

So with the caveats of a longer cruise and a child who would really enjoy it, the Mousekemoms say this Disney Cruise Line Splurge is “Worth the Money”….at least once. If you would decide to do it, the Mousekemoms recommend that you schedule the experience for the afternoon and get pictures done right afterwards. That way it doesn’t prevent them from having pool or beach time and they can be all dressed up for dinner & the evening show!

Classes and Beverage Tastings (for adults)

Something all 3 of the Mousekemoms have enjoyed on their cruises are the bookable adult beverage tastings and classes. There are plenty of options that will be available to reserve when your booking window opens – tequila, champagne, bourbon, whiskey, beer, martinis, wine, mixology, and even chocolate & liqueur (Lori’s personal favorite)!

Disney Cruise LIne Tasting

These classes are relatively inexpensive at anywhere from $50-100. You typically get about 5-6 beverages, plus you learn a lot from these experts and it’s just a downright fun activity! Some classes can even include fun extras, like an exclusive Disney pin you get during the wine tasting. 

These Disney Cruise Line splurges get a unanimous “Worth the Money” from the Mousekemoms. Even if there aren’t any spots available before your cruise, make sure to check at Guest Services or on your Navigator app once you’re onboard!

Adult Dining

While all your meals at the rotational dining, buffets, and pool deck food stands are included in the price of your cruise, you may want to experience something a bit more! Each ship offers adult dining experiences where, for an extra cost, you can enjoy fine dining in an elevated environment. 

All 5 ships have a Palo restaurant (the Wish has Palo Steakhouse) which has an Italian-inspired menu. Brunch and dinner reservations are available, with brunch being the best bang for your buck at a set price with plenty of food! Plus, having it earlier in the day can guarantee breathtaking views while you eat. Dinner can also be a set price, but you can opt to eat a la carte. The steakhouse version on the Wish is inspired by Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast and has a few different offerings with the added modern steakhouse fusion. 

Palo prices tend to be far more reasonable in comparison to the other option. Plus you know you’re getting a quiet atmosphere to have a unique dining experience, where you don’t feel rushed. 

For Palo, the Mousekemom’s agree this Disney Cruise Line splurge is “Worth the Money”, especially if you’re on a 4-night cruise or longer when you’ve had a chance to try all the rotational dining options. 

Disney Cruise Line Remy

If you’d like an even more elevated dining experience, 3 ships offer a French cuisine adult-dining restaurant. The Disney Dream and Fantasy have Remy’s, while the Wish has Enchante. There are brunch and dinner options for these restaurants as well, on top of a dessert-tasting experience. With brunch, you can again guarantee beautiful panoramic views, whereas you risk looking into darkness during dinner. 

Similar to Palo these do come at an extra cost, but these two restaurants are quite a bit pricier than Palo. The tasting menu for dinner at Remy’s can be around $105 per person, while Enchante can be $135-175. 

For Remy and Enchante, the Mousekemoms think dinner is “Not Worth the Money”, but the smaller experiences like brunch or the dessert tasting are a Disney Cruise Line splurge “Worth the Money” if that’s something you’d like to try.

Disney Cruise Line Concierge

Staying concierge is the greatest of all Disney Cruise Line splurges! I won’t dive into too much detail since I have a whole other article going into depth about the Mousekemom’s experience in concierge

This is truly one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences for people, including the Mousekemom (unless it happened to fall into budget). You’re often looking at almost double the cost of a verandah stateroom, but you do get plenty of amenities and exclusive access to many aspects of your cruise from early booking to more private areas of the ship. 

If it’s within your means, the Mousekemoms can say from experience that this is “Worth the Money”.

Port Adventures

Bonus Disney Cruise Line Splurges

And of course, what would a cruise be without port adventures? These can sometimes be just as much of a Disney Cruise Line splurge as anything onboard since some come at a high price depending on the activity. 

There are far too many adventures to go through and list here, so the best tip to determine whether a port adventure is “Worth the Money” is to research your Ports of Call. Figure out what makes that port unique or interesting, then decide what is truly worth it for you and your family. Also, make sure you have some backup options, as well, in case that particular port adventure is unavailable.

Hyperspace Lounge

So what do you think? Which Disney Cruise line splurge would you try? Which ones have you already done?

The big takeaway here is that it’s not necessarily the value of something, but it’s how it would make a difference for your trip & what it means to you!

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