Disney’s Fireworks Cruise- What You Need To Know

Hello Mousekemom Friends! Our friends at Kingdom and Cruise were recently in Walt Disney World. As our sponsors, they were gracious enough to take us on a Fireworks Cruise. Join us as we take you on this adventure with us. Learn what you need to know and if its really worth it! Now let’s head on to our experience on the Disney Fireworks Cruise!

Disney's Fireworks Cruise

Did you know at Disney you could book your own private 25ft pontoon boat to have a view of the fireworks from Seven Seas Lagoon? This is one of several experiences offered for the nighttime fireworks shows.

Starting at $399, you can rent your own pontoon. Up to 10 people can ride together and enjoy a relaxing, two hour cruise, and the magic that is Disney’s fireworks show. 

We met at the Contemporary Resort Marina, about an hour and a half before fireworks began, to check in. It was extremely easy to find. They had signage for where to check in and load at the docks. 

The Contemporary is just one of the places where you can book this adventure. The resorts that offer this experience are:

  • The Contemporary
  • The Polynesian
  • The Grand Floridian
  • Fort Wilderness
  • The Wilderness Lodge

Mousekemom Tip

This is approximately a two-hour cruise. Make sure you go to the bathroom right before you board! Bathrooms at the Contemporary Marina were right next to the loading dock.

Settling in To Your Boat

Each boat comes with your own personal driver, who is an expert at navigating you through Bay Lake to Seven Sea Lagoon. When you check in, you are introduced to your captain, they will escort you down the dock to your boat, and assist your boarding process.

Our Captain was McKenzie. She was phenomenal and gave us some amazing facts about the scenery around us. She fit right in with our crew and we are so thankful she put up with our relentless questions, and she was able to answer each one! 

Snacks Included

Included in the price of the boat rental, is drinks and snacks for those aboard. Drinks include coke products and water. Snacks include a selection of chips and treats such at cookies, brownies and Mickey-shaped rice krispies (which we all know that if its Mickey shaped, the calories don’t count- right?). What we didn’t finish, we were able to take with us.

Your Pontoon Boat

Two cocktail tables on either sides of the boat ensure that there’s a comfortable spot to place your snack and drinks, as well as your personal belongings. You’re also provided with towels, which are located on the seats, in case you need them.

After we boarded, McKenzie went over all of the safety information and rules we needed to follow. After that, we were on our way! 

Our other group of Mousekemoms across Bay Lake

As we traveled on, we got to pass some of the gorgeous resorts located on Bay Lake. We saw The Contemporary, Animal Kingdom Lodge, The Grand Floridian and the Polynesian. There are no words to describe how they look at night, all lit up, reflecting in the waters beneath them.

It was great after a busy Disney day in the parks, to be able to sit on the water, enjoying the company of others, while snacking and talking.

Electrical Water Pageant

As we cruised through the lake, we came to a stop near the shores of the Polynesian Resort. This pit-stop was in order for us to be able to experience the Electrical Water Pageant. This night-time parade consists of fourteen boats, each boasting 25ft tall lights, flashing us scenes of whimsical sea-creatures, patriotic Americana, and during the 50th Celebration, a gorgeous whirl of EARidescent colors surrounding silhouettes of Cinderella’s castle. 

Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams

After the Electrical Water Pageant, we were whisked away to the front of Magic Kingdom, in the Seven Seas Lagoon. Not long after we arrived, the show, Wishes, began. Disney spared no expense as they ensure that they pipe the music through the speakers of your own boat, so you don’t miss an ounce of Magic. 

Watching from the water was unlike any way I have ever viewed the fireworks before. It was absolutely breathtaking to watch the glittering fireworks rain down over the castle, with the lagoon lighting up with the reflection of colors. 

Of course, pictures rarely capture the extent of the beauty of fireworks, but its definitely true here- the pictures don’t do it justice. 

As the fireworks show wrapped up, we got to enjoy the serenity of the lagoon for another moment, and then McKenzie began the trip back to the Contemporary Marina. 

As we docked, we got out to our banner saying “Welcome Home” in place of the “Congratulations” it dawned before, a subtle but very Disney touch.

Mousekemom Tip

You may want to bring some cash with you. Tipping your Captain is not necessary, nor do they expect it, but our Captain, McKenzie was absolutely fabulous, so it definitely wouldn’t hurt to come prepared! 

So- Hit or Miss Experience?

If you are able to- you do NOT want to miss this! On land, even watching from a resort shore, is crowded and loud. This experience takes you on a gorgeous tour of some of Disney’s waterways, giving you a vantage point of some of this scenery you can’t get any other way. You get to see the Electrical Water Pageant up close and personal, which is an added bonus to the main event. 

The fireworks show sparkled over the water, and the feeling of not having to fight with thousands of other people on Main Street USA just to get a decent spot to view the fireworks, is unbeatable! We loved the snacks and drinks, the privacy and the entire experience as a whole.

This would be a great way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, proposal, or even just because. 

Mousekemom Tip

As nice as you think it would be to do this on your last night- Florida weather is fickle. Try to plan this a little earlier in your trip, so that if the Florida weather ruins it, you can reschedule for a different night of your visit. They are great about accommodating, so if you get to the docks to board, and it has to be cancelled, they will help you figure it out!

Will you be booking this experience for your next trip? Let us know in the comments below! 

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