Getting Ready For The Disney Wish

Welcome Back, Mousekemom Friends! Join us as Mousekemoms, Jen, Lori and Juliana get ready for the preview cruise of the Disney Wish! Just by looking at the previews that Disney has given us, it looks like this ship is breaking the mold with unique experiences and features that will leave us wanting more!

The Disney Wish

Our favorite Mousekemoms will be heading in the day before they set sail, and trying out Coronado Springs, and on the morning of July 10th, they will be transferring over to Port Canaveral.  They will be on a special Enchanted Showcase, which just means that they will be showcasing all special events and features. They will get to experience things like the Pixar Day at Sea, Marvel Day at Sea and Star Wars Day at Sea. It will be interesting to see how they squeeze all of these in, but we’re guessing it’ll be each on a separate night, much to Lori’s dismay. If you tune in to our podcast, you know that she would love to watch Buzz Lightyear fight Darth Vader.

MGM Stars For The Summer
If you listen to the podcast- You know Lori talked about this picture as an example of an awesome mash-up!

On regular sailings, you will not be getting to experience all of these events, you can book a cruise with just one of these. Pixar Day at Sea is brand new, so we’re excited to give you the details as soon as we return!

Touring the Wish

In addition to the special events that we’ll be getting the scoop on, The Mousekemoms will also be getting behind-the-scenes tours of the bars, lounges, pool, all public spaces, kid’s clubs, and several categories of each stateroom. 

Everything will be in a new, unique location, a new layout for everyone to learn- even Disney Cruise veterans.

What is Each Mousekemom Most Excited For?

Juliana: I think I’m most excited for the AquaMouse. The other ships have the AquaDuck, and AquaDunk, but this is new and unique. It’s supposed to have an animated short called Scuba Scramble, and it’s 760 ft ride that will take you all along the top deck, and interactive elements, lighting and scenes. I’m excited for this because my family did’n

Jen: I am looking forward to the World of Marvel. I have all these boys who are comic book and super hero fans. It’s an interactive dining experience where the dishes pay homage to different Marvel characters. African cuisine to represent Wakanda, Eastern-European food for Slovakia, paying homage to Wanda. Of course, the Avengers are headquartered in New York, so we’ll get some options from New York. It’s a dinner show though, featuring Ant-Man and the Wasp called Adventures Quantum Encounter. 

Lori: I’m going to put two in here- I’m looking forward to the kids areas. First is the regular Oceaneers Club. They are being completely redesigned, to be two-stories. They’ll be able to enter through a slide on the second floor. My kids are most excited for that. But also, they will have an area called the Hero-Zone. This will be an enclosed and airconditioned sports space. This will include a family game show called Incredigames, which is a family obstacle course based on the Incredibles. Jack Jack’s Diaper Dash will be moved here too. 

Keep your eye out for the great content that will be coming to you soon for the inside look at the Disney Wish!


We are SO excited to be able to get you guys the inside scoop before the general public will even get to see- What are you most excited for on the Disney Wish? Let us know in the comments below!

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