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Getting to Know Our Mousekemoms: Jen

Getting to Know our Mousekemoms

Mousekemoms- they always give us great advice and keep us up to date on the latest and greatest Disney has to offer. They give us our perfect Disney trips, and we feel like they’re part of our own circle of friends. However, what do we really know about them? Join us for this series, where we will be learning more about our lovely Mousekemoms, Jen, Lori and Juliana. Today, we will be getting to know our Mousekemoms, finishing with Jen.

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

According to Lori, I’m old as dirt. I have 4 children. My youngest is 7, my oldest is 19. Three boys and a princess. I grew up in the town that I now live in. Before I cam back though, I lived in Boston and New York City. Now, I live a quiet life in upstate New York. Quiet is good- usually. I love EVERYTHING Disney. My favorite Disney princess is Snow White, for sure. My favorite Disney character is Mickey Mouse. He’s classic and old school. 

I live near my parents, we see them every day, my kids are very close to them. I have a younger brother who lives with his husband in Chicago. We see them about once a year- they do not love Disney… but we still love them! My kids grew up on Disney and have all been going forever. My oldest was 10 months old when he went the first time. We wound up purchasing DVC when we took him the first time, so they have all been going for their entire lives- they’re a little bit spoiled. But, its nice, it takes the pressure off to do everything every trip.

How did you "Get Into" the Disney Lifestyle?

Mousekemom Jen

My grandparents lived in West Palm Beach. We would visit them every year, and make a side trip to Disney. I’ve been going to Disney once or twice a year every year since 1977. I feel very at home there. We joke that Lori is our map, but I feel that way too. Its home because I’ve been there so much. 

My first trip was with my mom, grandmother and brother. We stayed at the Polynesian for like, $50 a night. The only thing I remember from that is they had a breakfast buffet, which had this enormous fruit display. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I kept going up, like a bajillion times to get all that fresh fruit. That’s the main thing I remember- I was kind of forced into the lifestyle. 

In 1993, my parents bought DVC, so they were part of the first wave of DVC buyers. Because it was still experimental back then, there were tons of incentives, because they weren’t sure how it was going to work out. They gave park passes for everyone in your party for your stay when you used it, so why wouldn’t you go? It was so cheap. Free park passes? Heck yeah.

When we had our first, we knew we had to continue the Disney tradition.

What is your favorite Disney Property (park, resort or both)?

Although I love Disneyland, I would have to say Walt Disney World, definitely EPCOT. EPCOT just holds so many special memories to me. I remember walking around the World Showcase with my grandparents. Back in the 80’s when they had the guest services, and you could talk to a cast member on a screen, like facetime. It was so cool. EPCOT is definitely my favorite Disney property to visit.

What's been your favorite Mousekecocktail so far?

I love the drinks during all the festivals, it just makes them special. La Vie en Rose in France in EPCOT is great. The slushy is so refreshing, especially this hot time of year. But it sneaks up on you, buyer beware.

Park hopping or Resort hopping?

Park Hopper- I never used to be a park hopper, but as the kids get older we do. I had always thought that it was a waste of money to add that to our passes, so we used to only get base passes. But, my kids are foodies, so we love the flexibility to go to EPCOT for dinner no matter where we were that day. This last trip, we had 6 day passes, and we ended up at EPCOT 4 days out of the 6! For that reason alone, park hopping. I like resort hopping, when I’m doing a solo trip or adults only- but with the kids, they’re not into it. During a split stay, it’s too hard with the kids to pack up and move too. So for us, for sure, park hopping.

What is your favorite Disney Restaurant?

Toledo at Gran Destino Tower, definitely. I haven’t been able to be there since covid, so I need to get back. For signature dining, people usually pick somewhere like O’hana or California Grill, but this is such a hidden gem. Coranado- it’s totally overlooked now that the skyliner is there. They choose to go to Caribbean Beach. What I love to do though is go to a bunch of restaurants and get appetizers at each one. This way you get to try a million places and try a bunch of different things. That’s why I love Toledo- its tapas. It is exactly the way I love to eat, small little plates. They have this grilled octopus that is like, the best thing ever. It’s melt in your mouth yumminess. 

What is something you have to do every time you go to Disney?

Ride Pirates of the Caribbean- or caribbean- however you say it. We fight about how it’s pronounced all the time. I don’t feel like I’ve been at Disney unless I ride it. For research trips where I haven’t made it over to Magic Kingdom- its almost like I haven’t been to Disney. 

What is something you haven't done, but would like to do?

This is horrible- but I have not seen Enchantment yet. I have been a ton of times since it opened, but I still haven’t seen it. Not only do I need to see it, but I need to see it on the Seats and Treats Dessert Party. It’s bucket list level.

Do you have any Disney collections?

My ears- they’re all hanging on my wall. Well, not all of them. I would run out of wall. It’s a sickness…

I don’t actually even wear them. I buy them, I love on them, and I even pack them for my trips. Something always comes up though. I don’t feel like carrying them today or they’re squeezing my head. Its an obsession that makes no sense. Its terrible.

Plus breaking them in, and I have too many options of ears to wear- which ones should I wear? Should I do an outfit change? Its a lot! 

What's something you love about your other Mousekemoms?

Lori, as I mentioned is totally our map. She just knows everything about Disney. Juliana and I will call her for something we could absolutely google. She knows all these weird, obscure facts that you may have only read once at the bottom of an article.. she knows it all! I wouldn’t be half of the agent that I am without Lori in my back pocket to ask all of these silly questions. 

Juliana, God love her. She is my comic relief and my voice of reason. If I’m in a pissy mood, I know she’ll either be straightforward and tell me I’m being stupid, that this is the course of action I need to take. or she’ll send me something stupid like an inside joke and I’ll feel instantly better. 

What do you love about your job?

My partners. I would NEVER in a million years be able to do this without them. I’m not nearly smart enough, organized enough, passionate enough, sane enough, or calm enough to do this on my own. They are the ones who make my job so amazing. 

What Advice Would You Give To A Disney Newbie?

Don’t try to see it all. It will never happen, and you will get stressed. You will get frustrated. It will make for an unhappy trip. Make your expectations set to know you can’t do it all, but prioritize your must-dos. You’ll come away happy and have the best trip. You can always go back anyways. Even us, as often as we go- have not done it all. 

Anything you'd like to add?

If you haven’t yet done an adults only trip- what are you waiting for? They’re my favorite. 

Thanks for joining us in our journey to learn more about the powerful ladies behind Mousekemoms and Kingdom and Cruise. 

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