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Gluten Free Disney with Guest, Ilana

Welcome back, Mousekefriends! Lots of our Disney friends have dietary restrictions, so today we’ll be giving our Gluten-Free Disney friends some love and focusing on them! 

Listen to the Mousekemoms Podcast here and join us with our special guest, Ilana Robinson. Ilana is a Florida resident, mom of 2, annual passholder, runner and overall Disney Fanatic! She brings her love of all things Disney to her Instagram and TikTok. You can find her @IlanaFofana, or by clicking the links above. 

Gluten-Free Disney Dining

Disney is a great place that is generally very accommodating when it comes to dining and dietary restrictions. On the menu, they label what meets specific dietary needs. Of course, always double check and make sure that it is accurately listed. When in doubt, they will have you speak to the chef so you can ensure that your needs are being met.

In addition, they are able to substitute and accommodate many items on the menu to fit your needs. 

Join us for our Q and A with Ilana!

Q: What’s some of the best food you’ve tried on Disney property?

Three bridges Coronado springs

A: Located at Victoria and Alberts at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, they have the most delicious options. They have a pre-set menu, but the chef will call you before hand and you can speak about any restrictions you have and they will accommodate them. 

Also, at Three Bridges at Coronado Springs is great. They have a fake cheese dip that is the best thing I have EVER eaten on Disney property. 

Q: What are any tips you have for traveling Gluten-free?

A: Don’t be afraid to ask to speak to the chef, ever! They will come out and speak with you, write down your concerns. They don’t want you to have a bad experience, so they’ll make sure you leave with something that’s edible for you. 


Q: Do you have a go-to at EPCOT?

A: I usually go to Regal Eagle, which may sound unusual. They have some delicious sandwich options, with gluten-free bread choices. The sandwiches are so good that you can’t even complain about the gluten-free bread. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Festival of the Arts?

A: Everything! I just love watching the artists work in real time. My son is very inquisitive and has lots of questions, and when he sees the artists, he loves engaging with them. You can just walk right up with someone and talk to them about their livelihood. I love the chalk art too, it’s very special. 

Q: This or That?

Q: Tron or Guardians of the Galaxy?

A: Guardians of the Galaxy

Q: Splash Mountain or Tiana?

A: That’s to controversial- not answering that one… NEXT! 

Q: Festival of the arts or Food and Wine?

A: Festival of the Arts

Q: Mission Space or Spaceship Earth?

A: Oh, Spaceship Earth! 

Q: Figment or Vanellope Von Schweets?

A: Figment, FIGMENT! She’s (Vanellope’s) annoying. 

Q: Girl’s Trip or Husband-Wife Trip?

A:Here’s the thing- I live here… it’s girl’s trips every day! We just did an anniversary trip at Wilderness Lodge and it was wonderful.

Q: Happily Ever After or Fantasmic?

A: Oh, that’s such a tough one. I love Happily Ever After, but I’ve seen it so many times. I just feel like I haven’t seen Fantasmic as much, and I really like the changes they did to it. Plus, you don’t really have to fight for a good seat, and you HAVE seats! 

Today’s Mouseketip

Gluten free Disney does not mean boring or flavor free. It can be delicious in the parks!

Also, be sure to catch Ilana on TikTok and in the Parks! 

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